Bounty of Cartel ... I mean Blood?

First, yes the DLC is great so far. Story is engaging and maps are thoughtful.

Let’s talk loot and scaling - I’ve collected 6 or 7 of the new DLC weapons and several M10 variants of older ARs.

Does anyone else find themselves STILL using the level 57 M10 OPQ System? I practically depend on it because even level 60 weapons haven’t scaled to compete…as Mr. Torgue would say…



I haven’t hit 60 yet but have been using the OPQ and it still melts. Shame to hear that it still tears at 60 more than other weaps.

I’m still using the level 57 Yellowcake and it’s still destroying everything with my build.

Honestly, it’s almost annoying. One of the things I enjoyed about the other BL games is the ability to play with a huge arsenal of different weapons.

I feel like I’m constantly looking for AR ammo to load up my OPQ because my brand new shiny level 60 mayhem 10 weapons aren’t up to snuff.

The pistols still tickle at M10. (Lame)
The shotguns …
The Snipers are pretty good but M10 modifiers throw it off… (because 2.0 is still half baked)
The Launchers… (Cartel, again)
SMGs … What are “wet noodles”, Alex?


Prolly will on other classes but on Moze the yellowcake is still king. Got a 300/90 x2 yellowcake and it is still doing more damage then every single new weapon including the complex root.

Yellow cake still owns even on zane if you have the 200% splash anoint it works the same if not better.

I killed killavolt strafing in 5 shots 2 for shield did his stomp around. Shield dropped he got hit perfect timing knelt 2 more dead. Everyone else can do way more damage so im shure it owns on everyone.

Especially with rad/fire ase. On shield grenade.

I just think it’s funny that they can’t make the other rifles and shotguns worthy of using… I mean, come on… a Rowan at M10 with 4K dmg(whooptie friggin do…)

M10 Assault rifles should at least compete with the level 57 OPQ. And the shotguns aren’t even worth equipping at M10.

Well, the Recursion and face puncher are very OP at the moment

Ok… for only certain builds and nichè opportunities.

What I mean is - 90% of the legendary loot pool is under scaled. All these 3-5k M10 ARs are a joke.

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oh, of course. Totally agree with your general sentiment. :+1:

The new guns for me is a mix bag, the complex root is extremely powerful on my Moze, but equally dangerous to kill myself hahaha, harold was not that good, but I really like the flipper with the other VHs