Box art wallpaper

Idk if it’s a thing just yet, but was hoping to find the boxart available as a wallpaper. Just without the giant borderlands 3 logo. I’d love to be able to apply it on mobile/desktop.

No luck when I look for it.

Give it time. We’re still very early in the announcements. I’d also keep an eye on @MentalMars thread and site - he has some great stuff already.


I see they released a 5 second gif. Of what I’m looking for. Just gotta figure out how to save it and split the image I want. But it’s progress

well, i found one that is 1080p quality and am now using it as my desktop wallpaper.

they can close this now

The BL3 cover art is all Hindu God pose.

Interesting …

i mean, one can argue also some sort of holy figure in christianity or even baphomet even. but it is a sensitive subject that only leads to arguing. so i dont want that to happen.

@VaultHunter101 if possible, you can close this. I got what i was looking for. came out really nice on desktop

Closed at OP’s request