Boxed release possibilities?


I really want to get this game. I’ve been with this franchise since it’s inception. However, currently the only place you can purcahse this game is Steam - which has prices detached from reality. Currently, Deserts of Kharak are 46€. This is almost twice as much as a boxed full-priced release in my country (Poland), and these are quite expensive to begin with (relative to our average wealth level in our country). I can’t possibly spend this much money on a single game, no matter how great, and neither can most gamers from around here, even back when it had a HW:R owner discount on it.

So here is my question - is there a boxed release planned, that will enable local publishers to price it reasonably, like the one that happened a year ago with Homeworld Remastered?

Not only I am a collection-minded person (digital vs box I’ll always choose box, even if it only has a Steam key inside, like almost all games do anyway), but I also really want to avoid story spoilers, which are a bigger and bigger random risk.