Boxes in Sanctuary love to give you Maliwan pistols

Anyone else notice this? These are good pistols too, especially slag ones (with like 25% chance of slagging enemy) I’ve used them alot even in OP!

Manufacturer is randomized (as is whether or not you get an element and - if so - which one). Looks like you got a run on Maliwan, which generally have better elemental stats (manufacturer gimmick). I’ve had similar runs of Torgue and Jakobs. Just the way the dice roll.


Yeah I suppose you’re right come to think of it

I been getting good Mali pistols from there but I also remember getting good other ones, including blue ones

I just did 5 runs through Sanctuary to test it out, with a lvl 41 siren in TVHM (I was gonna do 10, but to quote Tiny Tina I got bored ).

  • Hyperion - 2
  • Vladoff - 3
  • Maliwan - 2
  • Bandit - 2
  • Dahl - 1
  • Jacobs - 1
  • Torgue - 1

Mix of pistols, SMGs, and grenades.
So the distribution in TVHM seems pretty equal. I have a brand new lvl 7 character on Xbox at home that I’ll check in a while, might be different early game.


Five runs with a lvl 7 character (NVHM naturally);

  • Torgue - 3
  • Bandit - 1
  • Dahl - 2
  • Maliwan - 2
  • Vladoff - 1
  • Pangolin - 2
  • Tediore - 1
  • Hyperion - 1

Shields, SMGs, Grenades and Pistols.

So no manufacturer bias apparent in a small test.


My favorite pistol to come out of a Sanctuary cardboard box was an Unending Infinity. :wink: Completely useless prefix (mag size increase) but it’s one I’ll never sell off just because of the name. :smiley:


Does it make the Infinity still work on Gaige with Smaller Lighter Faster? Because then it would actually be quite useful.

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I don’t think it actually increases the mag size past 1, at least not on the ones I’ve handled.

That’s too bad (although not altogether unexpected). Ah well, back to the alternatives!