Boxing thread 🥊

Yeah Well i searched and found that we do not have a boxing thread.

Any boxing fans out there??

In other news Manny Pacquaio at 40 got a split decision on Keith Thurman.

Go manny! :philippines::philippines:


This was Nasty



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That was the best round ever :rofl:

I wondered for a couple seconds if the video got sped up though.

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i saw something similar, let me look at it.

can’t really blame the refs. action happened too fast. there should have a rule of a replay of some sort.

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Look at us. Like debating Time Trials times :joy:

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the refs just don’t want something like this to happen

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I miss these days.

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yeah, boxing nowadays is a joke compared to those era.

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slugfest. both are powerful but needs to work on their speed and footwork.

Best boxer ever, ehh NO!

Jorge Kahwagi

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