Boxxy's gun & Party line. Any use?

I’m trying to use this weapons but can’t seem to find a proper use for them or the adecuate build/character.
The boxxy could be OK to strip shields in a melee build, and the party line… Well I don’t know.
I’m sure someone here can make this weapons shine. I want to believe that the designers made them with a hidden purpose (if not as a big f*** lazy joke).
Will love to see if this weapons can be used even if is in really special situations.
So if anyone seem to use them, please let me know how can I take advantage of them.
(I know most people will say they suck, and for the moment I also believe they do. That’s the obvious part. But will be cool to see if they have some hidden ‘something’)

Really they’re both just kinda gimmick guns, the body gun is useless no matter how you cut it, the party line is okay with nisha (but she can make anything good) and it’s an interesting weapon indoors with low ceilings, but beside being a call back to the contraband sky rocket its not very good (but not horrible either). But seriously stay away from the boxy gun it is s***

The Party Line is basically a really poor man’s Blockhead, with the Blockhead being better in every way possible. But the Blockhead is so f’ing amazing that even a rip off is pretty good too. Try it out on Storm Athena or Crapshooter Nisha, they’re really the only ones that can make it viable IMO. A good mobbing gun that is reliant on enemies being close to one another so the flakk can hit multiple targets to maximize efficiency, so its best paired with a Quasar (to build more Maelstrom and get to that fire on flesh multiplier quicker).

  • Fun fact: If you use the Sham and you are close enough for the flakk to hit you, you will regen shotgun ammo.

The Boxxy does a lot of cool things, but in basically every scenario a Torrent, Fast Talker, IVF, or Meat Grinder will be a better shock SMG choice. I’d recommend just sticking to a Storm Front for shield striping.

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From what I can tell the only definitively good guns from Holodome are the t4sr and maybe the plunket, all the other ones he cool concepts and ideas but don’t have the power to really back them up, though khimerakiller is right that the party line is good on maelstrom Athena (but almost anything with a shock or fire element is viable in the build)

How much that I love the Plunkett (running a Nisha build that makes use of its special effect constantly) it really only get great mileage in the hands of said VH and Claptrap.

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Boxxy gun i never really messed with. But the party line is a beast. And might be one of the best fire weapons. It literally melts everything with athena, and is so fun to use.

Partyline and the rocket launcher berrigan are also good

The berrigan can be good but it’s a bit of a paint to get and the pay off isn’t that good, considering the Mongol is probably a better vladof launcher, and while I agree the partyline is good on maelstrom Athena, it’s not better than a glitch Hyperion shotgun or if you use gibbed the heartbreaker

Thanks all for your answers. But I’m using the party line with Nisha and even when it does it job (poorly) I can’t find the ‘beast’ in it. Will like to see some video of someone killing everything with it. I just don’t want to sell it just yet. Everybody says is like the flakker’ learning curve. And I took my time before I finally got how to use it. So I wanna give this gun a chance because it’s probably me the one that is not using it right, therefore I’m not seeing it’s full potential.
As for the boxxy I’m just gonna let other things kill me instead of myself killing me. Plenty of them to add another one😋.

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I really like the berrigan and personally think its good. I wasnt trying to compare or say party line was better than any other weapon. Only that, its really good, especially with athena.

You have to get used to it and learn how to use it. And i never tried it with nisha. Its a beast with athena and high maelstorm stacks. I melt things with athena while using it.

I’d give the partyline to your maelstrom Athena if you have one where it’s functional, but I do t think it’s you, it’s just a really niche gun, I don’t know if you’re doing extensive testing or what but I would just move on tbh

Unfortunately in TPS that doesn’t mean much most of the time.[quote=“iripa, post:8, topic:1484833”]
But I’m using the party line with Nisha and even when it does it job (poorly) I can’t find the ‘beast’ in it.

Did you use it in atmosphere? It really helps the DoT of the gun, which seems a bit stronger than most other fire weapons due to it proccing all the time.

Where do you aim with it? It helps to aim for center mass, even the knees of enemies, to ensure you hit with as many of the flaks as possible (similar to the torguemada).

The party line is best with Athena and Nisha. Outside of those two the gun is good, but not amazing.

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Both Guns are useful on Claptrap. The Boxxy has riccochet and pierces through enemies, what gives you more chances of Coincidental Combustion and the Party Line does stack up your Maniacal Laughter better than the average Shotgun. Still, both aren’t the best in the world, but they do their jobs and are fun to play, if you ask me.
The Party Line really excels in Mealstrom-Athenas hands, though.

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I’d dont agree completely. Theres alot of places in tps where fire weapons are viable.

But Athena is the only char who actually has a focus on fire weapons. Otherwise, fire in of itself isn’t really that great in TPS. Freezing enemies is pretty easy, and explosive damage (which has a smaller reduced damage penalty against shields compared to fire) also has a X3 multiplier with cryo. Considering UVHM in TPS is nothing but a shield boost, that fire penalty on shields can be fairly annoying, especially for badasses.

It’s not useless, but if a fire gun is good in TPS, it’s because the gun has a good gimmick, not because of the element.

Nah. The fire on flesh bonus is stil there. The only fire weapon that is hampered in vacuum is the Hellfire.
And not every enemy uses a shield, despite the emphasis on larger shields.

Fire isn’t bad per say in tps, but compared to the party line there are better fire shotguns, and much better fire weapons to choose from

The hellfire has its splash damage, which keeps it pretty decent in my book, especially with Jack (grenade damage buffs), Nisha (I think TS might work on the splash too), and Athena. Similar deal with the party line. Regular run of the mill fire weapons (for example, a fire anarchist to a shock anarchist) don’t compete that well IMO.

Cool. Thanks

I know that. But what if this where the only weapon in the game, and you have to adapt to it, and make the best out of it. How will you use it? Even in a vacuum. Even against shields, etc.
I hope you get my point. The worst weapon in the right hands should make a difference. Or are there simply ■■■■■■ weapons? I do believe so. But I’m sure the one who design it tought different about it. Even if you just have to turn everything to favour the item.

I get what you’re saying and what you have to realize is that no matter what game you play where there is something to collect or to use there will always be good items and bad items. You have to have bad items in a system like borderlands and I think that the party line isn’t horrible, I actually like its novelty, but I think even if you adapt to it and put it in the best situation possible it will serviacabel to good at best.