Boy and Djinn - heroes' internal names

I was browsing through game folders and found a bunch of files which, apparently, contain characters data. But these files have curious names, I assume this is how our characters are called in development. Some are obvious, some - not so much, but I linked them to their current names.

AssaultJump - Caldy
Blackguard - Galilea
BoyAndDjinn - S&A
ChaosMage - Orendi
DarkAssassin - Deande
DarkElfRanger - Thorn
DeathBlade - Rath
DwarvenWarrior - Boldur
GentSniper - Marquis
IceGolem - Kelvin
LeapingLuchador - El Dragon
MachineGunner - Montana
MageBlade - Phoebe
ModernSoldier - OM
MutantFist - Mellka
PapaShotgun - Ghalt
PenguinMech - Toby
RocketHawk - Benedict
RogueCommander - Reyna
RogueSoldier - WF
SoulCollector - Attikus
SpiritMech - ISIC
SunPriestess - Ambra
TacticalBuilder - Kleese
TribalHealer - Miko

Unfortunately, there is only original roster of 25 heroes, would be cool to know how new heroes are called internally. @Jythri, please, could you share this info with us? :smiley:


Shane’s a girl


Probably the result of a design change during development. Which let’s face it, wouldn’t have required much of a change (if any) for the character animation etc.

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There’s a thread that has the complete list, minus the 5th DLC character.

WaterMonk - Alani
CornerSneaker - Pendles
Bombirdier - Ernest
Sidekick - Kid Ultra


…The devs stated S&A went thru the most changes and almost didn’t make it to the game.

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Found 'em!

Credit to @lowlines for this post:

+Kid Ultra’s internal name was given during the PAX West panel.

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That’s why I haven’t found it…

I’d really like to see some concepts of Shayne as a boy, if they exist. Would be pretty interesting!

Kid ultra’s name and listed nickname has robin-like vibe all over it. “side kick” Kid ultra/Boy Wonder


All of the changes in development actually led to Shayne being reffered to by many players as transgender. Not sure if it’s accurate, but it almost makes sense.

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WaterMonk - Alani
CornerSneaker - Pendles
Bombirdier - Ernest
Sidekick - Kid Ultra
Plahahahahaha…good try!


DAMN. So close…

Some of these names are obtainable titles… “Prickly Princess”, “Papa Shotgun”, “Rocket Hawk” - only 3 i can think off the top of my head…

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Yep or how the Observer Protocol that was initiated to handle Galilea (in the same way they handle the Varelsi Conservators) was called the “Blackguard” Protocol.

So much better than a codename like “DLC character 1” :smiley:

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Which ones don’t make sense? They all make sense to me. Also, I’m pretty sure Ernest was “Bombirdier” during development. Dunno about Alani and Pendles though

That would have been a shayme (teehee). She is one of the most unique characters!

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If they took them two out, I would be sad beyond belief (as for the transgender thing, she is often referred to as a girl, and maybe the cost is different, but I would say shayne (and family) don’t have much money, in fact shayne is either a runaway or orphan

Shayne’s gender is totally irrelevant. She’s clearly inspired by this:

Hence the “boy” in the design name. In the end, Shayne is Shayne, and her super best friend still wants to gouge out her eyes.


@EdenSophia mutant fist? Mutant gun

Been playing Caldy a lot lately.

He says “CAJ back in action” or “CAJ on the move” upon respawn.

Now I know it means “Something Assault Jumper”.

Probably “Combat Assault Jumper”.

Excellent post!