Boycott the microtransactions

I’ve never felt compelled to post this sort of topic before…

…but I love this game, and I’ve been desperate to see it rise back up to the level of players it deserves. I backed Battleborn through thick and thin prior to release, earning scorn from those who only saw Overwatch. I tried valiantly to defend the price of Battleborn against that of Overwatch.

Since then the numbers on PC have dropped steadily whilst the queue times have risen steadily.

This game needs mouth to mouth on PC…

…and so you give us microtransactions…just to make all the people who stood up for the price look like even bigger idiots.

Thank you so bloody much, Gearbox/2K.


I don’t see this going anywhere positive. Please consider that it’s perfectly possible for Gearbox to be working on new content and bugfixes at the same time.

If you want to give feedback that will be valued by Gearbox, read the forum rules. Thanks.