Boyfriend and I looking for some folks for raid boss level 50

Hoping to find another couple or at least another person who want to tag in to take down terramorphous with us! Add Sodaberry

did you want to actually fight him or did you just want to farm? I’m op8 so I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun… GT:StoneOrpheus922


More than anything we’re just wanting to get through it and say we were
able to beat him and be able to get some decent gear for the next play
through. If you’re OP8 won’t he level to you though?

ah, my bad. completely forgot about scaling, I apologise.

If you are in tvhm it won’t matter? Anybody can join? I’ve help a few and I have a op8. Hope this helps.

Depends, if you are only in the NVHM or TVHM, then NO he won’t level up to the highest player, only in UVHM do the mobs and Bosses level to the highest player.

That being said I do have some different toons around that level. Would be happy to Help. Always on between 9pm and midnight EST.
GT = Name

Thanks everyone! We’ve started on to UVHM but could definitely go back to
TVHM to get it done. Would be happy to have anyone join us, we’ll
definitely be playing tonight!

GT- Sodaberry. We also have one mic and have a lot of dry sarcastic
commentary, hope ya’ll don’t mind!

What’s your timezone /playtime (mine is uk) feel free to give us a shout if you need a hand

We’re pacific time zone. Usually get on between 6-10pm here and can do
earlier in the day on the weekends!