BPS Lost my bonus 5000 BA rank on new char

So, I started the game for the first time and started a new character. I have connected my shift account to my game, and I have played other games in the series on my account so I should get bonuses from doing so. I went to my badass rank and it was 5000 and I began to spend my tokens but accidentally bought the wrong bonus. I thought “oh whatever I;ll just restart” and did so, thinking I could just respend them. I closed the game without saving via the home screen and restarted and when I went to spend my tokens again, I had 0 badass rank. multiple reloads/new characters have resulted in no badass rank. what do???

The Badass Rank Reset Glitch is a very rare bug that was mostly fixed about 3 years ago but some people still get it for some reason, there is no fix other than either restoring a backup from before you got glitched or re-earning every last point :frowning:. Also, there is no way to manually reset your Badass Ranks or any spent tokens so once they’re spent - they’re permanent.

You have 2 options for recovering your BAR:

1: Restore a backup from a USB Drive.
2: Restore a Backup from the PS Plus Save File Cloud.

If you have neither then you are unfortunately stuffed :frowning:.

Ahh shoot okay. I’ll see if I have a backup on the cloud and if not then it’s only 5000 BA rank and not like I’d already played a bazillion characters. Oh well. Would’ve been nice but it’s not the end of the world. Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: