Holy CRAP this gun is nuts!

My new favourite combo for Zane…

Shields or no shields, stuff just melts on Mayhem4 now


I found my first one literally last night… not even sure what it does. Anything weird, or just a high-end shotgun?

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it chains to enemies while for single target it sucks if you can get chains to 3-4 enemies you can start outdpsing a lot of other options


holey-heck-hole that mod is nice for brainstormer.

weird and high end

the more enemies, the greater the dmg effect. If you use it on enemies near wotan, you can often drain its sheild very quickly.

My favorite!

Here’s a word not likely seen outside of these circles. :laughing:

Lately I’ve seen alot of people using this in mayhem 4 to clear mobs and more people are using it to melt Wotan’s shield everyday. Still not seeing anyone else use it on the Valkyries but when you don’t kill the last wave of adds and you get the 3 Valkyries melted all at once you feel pretty op.
In other words, maybe get ready to find a new favorite shotgun.

Ye im very satisfied with both shotgun and mod.
12 pellets + the mod + playing dirty + novaberner dmg boost = heaven!

Now i just gotta find a build for solo Maliwan takedown m4.

Havent set foot in there yet, but ive done tvhm on m4 campaign no probs.

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