Brainfreeze Confusion

Brainfreeze is a talent at the 5 pt tier of the barrier tree. It reads that it has a chance to cause a slow when we score a critical hit with points giving 2.5% chance per point invested, max 5 for a total of 12.5% chance. The reason I am bringing it up is that the proc chance is tiny for a rather weak status effect that bosses are probably immune to. Plus if we are doing crits on a non-boss odds are we are killing that enemy before this proc has a chance to give us much value. Basically, I find the talent rather weak.

Unless…slow is internal jargon for the Freeze status effect. The talent is called Brainfreeze after all. If that is the case then its an excellent talent and I will need to rework my theorycrafting to account for it.

What do you guys think?

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I’ve seen the slow debuff be unexpectedly strong in games before. And I’ve also seen games (including BL) make bosses be immune to exactly these kinds of debuffs.
But yeah, I don’t plan to bother with a 12.5% chance either, screw that.

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It’s not tiny with a Hyperion smg or a Droog.
As for the effect being weak. I didn’t saw it in action so idk. But it can be extremely good.
I can see it being useful on badass and S. badass. Especially in coop.
With a little luck mini boss won’t be immune…

True, I actually forgot that the skill has no internal cooldown, so high RoF guns change the game a lot.

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I’m torn… I never focused on that skill in BL1 (Lilith’s ‘Mind Games’), but have been giving it more attention recently, and it does afford some combat control.

There are so many awesome skills that I want though, that I look at these chance-based skills as a free pass to the next tier. If/when difficulty expansions come out that afford more skill points, I may dive into it. (I mean, in practice as I’m leveling up one point at a time, I may put a point in and see how it does in the field, but I’ll do that for every skill in their trees).

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Imagine putting slow on a rabid skag or stalker…

12.5 is low for a sniper but high for a shotgun or smg.

If you look at elemental effect chance on fast guns vs slow guns its a massive difference.


Someone from the recent event experimented with cryo weapons when there. I think it was in the reddit AMA but I might have seen it in one of the youtube videos. He said the cryo effect doesn’t go straight to a hard CC but slows enemies first. So I put the chance that Brainfreeze activates the freeze/cryo status effect as much higher than before. This makes it a rather powerful pick combined with the Cool Calm Collected talent later in the barrier tree.


Even if the base chance gets to just 12,5%, there will probably be a Class Mod increasing that chance further. And 25% chance (at 10/5) to slow down enemies isn’t bad at all. Also, skills like these usually become stronger on higher difficulties as crits are encouraged and enemies have more health, so that we need to shoot them more often which will lead to more chances to proc the slow effect.

To;Dr: If anything, Brainfreeze will start mediocre or ok, but gets better with higher levels and difficulties.

Edit: But we don’t even know yet how the slow effect works, so most this is just speculation.


SMG’s, definitely. Shotguns? We don’t know yet. It depends on if each pellet gets a 12.5% chance to proc or if it’s just a 12.5% chance that one pellet will proc which would be super terrible.

But of a necro here, but the only game that I’m aware of that notates proc chances like you described in the second bit is warframe, and even then only on shotguns, and even then not all of them (potentially). And there are some really goofy things that happen because of it, so I doubt we’ll be seeing that scheme.
TLDR: borderlands has a history of listing per pellet proc chances and there are not many good reasons not to continue doing it that way.


Athenas’s ceuronic storm gained once for each pellet. Did kreig’s stacking skills do the same? I never played him. It should be reasonable to think that this will work the same with shotguns…and masher pistols