[brainstorm] Zane 65

In my head I’ve already put 5 points into weapon swap speed… or climb up the green tree to get 2-3 in brain freeze. (I have 3/3 in Hearty stock)

Anyone having better ideas?

It all depends on what is revealed on Saturday, possibly 4th skill trees…

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It’s still not a certain, so thinking about it is not a waste. Sure, depending on what we get, this thread won’t age well, but who cares.

@damien_hine @Superfr34k Uh, did I miss something? What’s coming Saturday?


Actually idk, I just assumed it’s something E3 related.

I guess I must be totally in the dark. I am talking more basic than that - I don’t understand what is significant about this Saturday? Is GBX presenting at a conference or something?

A BL3 presentation at E3 (or is it Gamescon?). Should have gameplay of DLC 4 and some are speculating that, if they are doing 4th skill trees, is when they will show them.


yes stop using double barrel :smiley:

Yeah sure, destributed denial + seein red for the win!

Thanks @boombumr!

Without a 4th skill tree, cant see much changing with zanes gameplay with the extra 5 points.

Fingers crossed though they do something about our class mods which coyld change things up a bit.

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Let’s assume the 4th Skill Trees aren’t coming until later, does 5 more points allow us to use another class mod better like Conductor?

I don’t think so. Conductor died with the additional ricocheting projectiles nerf. My biggest hope is the new loot of DLC4. Maybe there’s a shield in there that justifies using DD.

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So. I know this will probably just be really lame and all. But I’d like to gather your 65er builds just to look at them and be like this :thinking:
I really wished we get the 4th skill tree…

No, I was using it before they buffed the clone and I will continue to use it.

I don’t see how using double barrel is worse than using a shield that practically makes Zane invincible, and gives amp damage on top of that.