Brainstormer - chaining. what exactly is it?

the chainlinks are not base damage and not dot damage. i dont understand how something with around 500 dps dot damage and low base damage does the insane chain damage it does.

Dont get me wrong. i love the gun and i do not think its broken or unintended. But it would be good to underastand the mechanics.

What are the factors that go into determinining the chaining damage.

And can someone definitavely tell me which variant does the most chain damage. redundant or cash infused?


I wonder about this surprisingly effective gun too. I think we should talk of it in whispers though in case it’s not working as G/box intended (but in a good for us kind of way). Ssssssh!.

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Yea it does amazing things with a cryo buff on ase.
I’ve used it since I started and it wasn’t overpowered until mayhem 4 came, I hope they don’t fix that, it’s only op because they last too long.

Depends which vault hunter you use.


Im a siren main and gave up long ago trying to figure the origin and strength of damage… im curious as to where 50% bonus damage comes from, it never seems to be from the gun I shoot.

I prefer the cash with her, she gets a lightning damage buff and ricochet chance so I personally feel like you want each pellet to hit at it’s hardest.

@megadethwm. Can I pick your brain on infusion? I have learned to switch action element and grenade and wep bonus damage depending on circumstance, so my question is does infusion increase my DPS provided I don’t match elements?

If you use infusion it will increase dps against certain enemies, shock gets 175% buff on shields so if you use infusion to split fire damage it’s not like this gun will have issues with shields and now it can mow down beasties but I’ve only used infusion for elemental projector and driver builds.

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The redundant has x14 pellets and cash infused x7, im just going off logic though and say the redundant gives more dps as more pellets but thats not factual or confirmation just personal opinion

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I’m positive the ASE damage annointments are bugged/have unintentional interactions, causing the arks to multiply, which causes its strength to multiply to insane amounts.

Basically, to add additional damage, the game creates another “bullet” on impact, stacked on top of one another. So with two on ASE +50% annointments, it creates three bullets, one from the original, and two extra. The red text is applying to all three “bullets”, which is the unintended reaction. Thus, each have a chance to proc the lightning ark, and once it hits another enemy, it repeats the cycle of three bullets, and so on. This makes it extremely potent versus mobs. Brainstormer is extremely strong without them, but the ASE annointments make it even stronger, more than the +100%, by creating additional projectiles.

This interaction is why the Recursion is ridiculously strong, but it’s hard to see the number or arks on the brainstormer to confirm, but I’m sure the same holds true.

Moxsy’s video explains it well:


I’m going to ask a super noob question…
What does ASE stand for? Action skill element?


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ASE stands for ‘Action skill end’, so the ASE anointments being spoken of here are gear that say something along the lines of “on action skill end, deal 50% bonus [insert element] damage with weapons for a short time”


Thanks for clearing that up for me, I’ve seen a lot of users stating ASE and it’s been bugging me since!

Thanks again! Love the forums, great source of education and info!


Had done some testing earlier, the chain effect is also boosted by aoe damage on relics; no idea of the better weapon model though, i only have redundant

This is gonna ■■■■ up radiorakktive builds, phooey.

Can you double check this? My testing of a cash infused variant showed that the chains are treated the same as the initial projectiles, none of which get splash/AOE boosts.

This artifact was the one I used to test AOE boosts. It had no effect on my damage.

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Yes actually, ill take a look and see if theres anything i missed…
max damage without is averaging 472 (tried 8 times, topped out at this 3 times, once it at 506) with aoe on relic its topping out at 640 briefly, but averaging about 560 per tick. This being a last stand otto idol should have no effect towards the damage
(Am using mose, other stats in relic are “ar damage and cryo damage” - not using any annoint bonus)

As long as I avoided overkill my tests weren’t producing any variance. The issues only arose when I accidentally chain killed something and overkill added extra damage to the whole thing.

Im using moze so that the damge is low enough not to kill…been running around with this posse for all the tests (7 skags in total - 4 pups, 1 feral, 2 horned) after switching to the invincible build the original numbers dropped but still average a difference with and without. Possibly my game is glitched? Otherwise i have no idea

I was able to break down the damage formula as I was shooting, so I’m pretty confident in my results. Blast Master had no effect and neither did the relic I showed up thread.