Brainstormer - chaining. what exactly is it?

Also…now that overkill kicked in, that maximum tick is well over 1000 so i dont see that being the factor

Okay lets do the math here. Let me know if I you want me to re check something.

The baseline of my testing is normal mode, no mayhem against skags. So the elemental modifier is 0.8. Furthermore, I have a guardian rank gun damage of 14.41% and I’ve specced C-C-Combo which is a further 2% applied multiplicatively. My brainstormer is terror annointed but I wasn’t terrified so the annointment is irrelevant. I’m playing Moze, I cleared my skill trees then restarted the session, that should keep me clear of respec bugs.


So a base Brainstormer shot should be:

280 x 0.8 x 1.1441 x 1.02 = 261.4

The right skag I hit with 2 bullets, hence he took double the damage the chained skag took. My calculation is within margin of error if you account for rounding.

I went and got another AOE relic that also boosts shock damage. Hence we can see the damage boosts has been applied.


If Splash and AOE don’t apply then we’ll get:

280 x 0.8 x 1.16 x 1.1441 x 1.02 = 303.23

Or if they do:

280 x 0.8 x 1.16 x 1.1441 x 1.02 x 1.33 = 403.29

The 912 is the skag I hit initially and he ate 3 bullets. Hence 304x3=912.

The 304 is within margin of error of the expected result if the chains don’t get splash. I think that’s conclusive unless you have a counter example?

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Ive tried various times, followed going to normal no mayhem complete zero spec, it is still showing a difference between the 2, i can admit theres a possibility my game is glitched in some way, this being the 2nd time testing after a full reboot (ps4) and not the first test with unexpected results; but its only with aoe that this is registering any difference here (@ >50% this instance; 418w/o - 697), i would post pictures of my result - but my net is acting up and not allowing me to

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Its entirely possible that the gun has its own stacking damage boosting behavior for the chain lightning (like how the Antagonist shield from 2 had its own version of Maya’s Kinetic Reflection skill). I notice that in larger mobs the damage starts to ramp up per hit in correlation to the number of enemies it chains between, and like with the Projectile Recursion any additional sources of 50% elemental damage just create additional chain lightning procs which speeds up the process even more.

Add in the repeated chaining on given enemies multiple times, and it seems the gun is meant to deal continuously increasing damage to increasingly numerous enemies. I mean the first thing I did when M4 dropped was jump to Katagawa to see how drastic some of the bosses may have changed, but I could still one-shot him with it on Amara, and that was without any additional 50% elemental damage sources. I tested it on Zane and Moze too, the timing is a bit pickier for them but its still doable.

i think you are right about the gun having its own stacking mechanics.

ive used the gun enough to know to switch to a different gun if there is only 2 or less enemies. but the moment theres more than 2 all the way upto (insert any big number). then the brainstormer combined with new annointments and 2 points in sustainament on amara = godmode until theres only 2 enemies remaining then switch to something else to clean up.

i must add that i have a cash infused brainstormer with 100% weapon damage ASE and a cash infused brainstormer with 75% spash damage ASE.

and i am sure that the spash damage one performs better.

Hey there, really interesting to learn the mechanics, I should definitely try the Brainstormer I guess !

Has someone ever tried the interaction between Brainstormer and Electric Banjo artifact ??

For the +50% ASE. Does it have to be a non shock element to spawn the additional bullets to spawn, or will shock also spawn additional bullets and proc the chain lighting? Does the next two mags anointments also spawn extra bullets?

to spawn aditional projectiles with any ricochet or chaining gun you need ASE annointments with different elements to the guns base element. so brainstormer would require elements that are not shock as the gun is exclusively a shock gun.

Thanks. I take it that holds true for forceful expression as well?

So with a Brainstormer, I’d want some ASE on the gun , grenade, shield and forceful expression element that are all different from shock to spawn as many projectiles as possible?

yes. forcefull expression/infusion will also add aditional elements.

I would like to add that if you are looking to maximise the abuse of this unintendd mechanic then there are much better guns that will do a better job. Furthermore you dont even need amara to abuse it. Flak fadeaway abuses it just as much.

Reccursion is king among them and basically breaks the game beacuse EACH shot causes a ricochet that hits EVERY target within a very large proximity.

lucians call, rowans call, king and queens call, Pa’s rifle are good too but each richochet from these guns hit 1 target at a time.

it must be said that, these annointments are the srtongest in the gane currently if they worked as intended let alone the broken way they are working right now. Gearbox know that evryone will farm these and leaves them no choice but to fix the unintended mechanic.