Brainstormer Question - Weapon status effect or weapon damage anointment

i use a cash infused brainstormer so i can use the chains to kill mobs. its base weapon damage against single targets is minimal.

with this in mind which ASE anointment is best.

75% status effect and spash damage


100% weapon damage.

The reason i ask is that i see many youtubers rocking the latter when it makes more sence to rock the former.

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Why would the former make more sense? The DOT is weak and it doesn’t do splash damage.

if the dot is weak. and the base damage is weak…

what damage type are the chains? the chains are instakilling mobs

that makes me wonder.

the cash infused brain stormer has weak base damage and weak dot damage. but the chains are insane. the problem i find is sometimes i dont feel like weapon switching and keep shooting at a single target with the brainstormer to only then remember that it will take forever to kill it.

the redundant brainstormer will do better in this instance but im not sure if the chaining is as effective as the cash infused.

If you see 1 with 125 splash give it a shot, the chains can heal a transformer shield so it could theoretically be that…if not send it to me :stuck_out_tongue: , be potent enough for a mindsweeper moze

ok we are getting somewhere here. so the chains are spash damage. but that still dont explain the amount of damage the spash is doing.

both base damage and dot damage are not strong enough to cause the damage output the chains do.

If its being considdered as a splash but working as a dot based on the cards weapon damage it could be possible - sort of the way beam grenades like the hex used to work; (only a random thought - no idea if this is true)

I don’t think the chains damage is splash.

Can’t really add to understanding how this gun works unfortunately but something odd is going on.

Lately I have been using it to strip Gigamind’s shield and I have noticed that in the first few moments of the fight, without the adds, that I’m doing very little damage. Then the adds hop in, get chained but I keep shooting at Gigs shield and now the damage to him goes through the roof!. Quite strange, but I like it.

The more enimies chained at once the more damage from electric chain lightening special effect.