Brainstormers for trade

Oh Giga loves his Brainstormers, I’m not a huge fan myself so… Ideally I’m looking for some Zane stuff. A Seein’ Dead with 25% Weapon Damage or some decent SNTL bonus cryo guns since they refuse to drop for me.

Here’s what I’ve got, these are all lvl 53 and ASE annoints

+25% Crit damage
15% Lifesteal
Clone Swap 130% damage
125% damage vs Badass, Named, etc

I have a lvl 53 transformer with the SNTNL move anointment. I would be interested in the redundant brainstormer with ASE. Let me know. Thanks GT = Tom dot66

That would be a nice trade if I wasn’t running a Stop Gap with clone health regen :smile:. BUT since nobody else has even been interested I’ll send it to ya anyway. I get it over to you tonight.

Same I will send you the Transformer just in case you want to change things up and then maybe a Maggie 125% vs bosses. Thanks Tom dot66

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Hey Tom is that dot like you typed it or a . ?

I think like I typed it. Tom dot66 Thanks

Found ya, sent.

Thanks a lot. Your gear has also been sent. Nice trading with U.

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