Brainstorming Alternative Mayhem Modifiers

Many of us don’t enjoy Mayhem 2.0’s forced modifiers so I thought it might be a fun exercise to come up with new ones (hopefully in the future players will be able to pick modifiers manually or completely disable them if they wish). I’ll aim to think of ones that would make enemy encounters more exciting or difficult but use whatever design philosophy you wish. Anything you think would be fun, challenging, creative, exciting, etc.

Here are some I thought of:

  • Introduces a new rank of unique badass enemies. These huge, slow battlefield leaders use their imposing presence to inspire those around them, making mobs more aggressive as long as they remain alive.
  • Named enemies will have a small chance to spawn in locations friendly to them. Example: Road Dog, One Punch, Hot Karl, etc. might spawn alongside other CoV enemies in any locations CoV spawn. Repeat for all applicable NPCs and factions.
  • Enemies have an increased chance to spawn with unique legendary and non-legendary red-text weapons and shields which they will drop when killed.
  • When a Goliath spawns, it has a small chance to be automatically leveled-up into a GOD-liath
  • Chance for hybrid enemies to spawn. Players might see NOGs who joined up with the COV, abandoned Wardogs wandering among the skags on Pandora, jabbers riding saurians, etc. These unique mobs would all have non-regular skins to show their change in allegiance.
  • Loot enemies will flee much faster than usual but will give increased amounts of loot if players can manage to kill them

I think some of these would go a long way to make encounters feel truly unique and give players the feeling that they never know what to expect with Mayhem Mode. And make things a little more difficult without going the “bullet sponge” route.

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Alternative :
-No random crap

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I don’t know who is not enjoying the Mayhem 2.0’s forced modifiers. You are a really good man who is thinking about enjoyment, fun, and creativity.


What do you mean by… everything?


I would personally rather see modifiers become optional, but these honestly sound pretty cool and fun. They don’t cripple builds (not in the face for example) or just cause lots of screen clutter which causes me to just shoot blindly into mobs.

If GBX could just remove modifiers and start implementing ideas like this into regular endgame, that’d be the best.

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Oh I’d MUCH rather see modifiers be optional, even if I loved them. Players being able to customize their own experience in PVE games like this should be a given.

Just gimme moon gravity on any map, I WANT it… Also something dramatic like a visual impedance, as if you could have your eyes smashed in from getting headshot… Make me feel like I actually git wounded :slight_smile: that’ll make people move real well. THE FACE! SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!

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I’d like to have mods that significantly alter your strategy. That always have a negative and a positive effect. If you adjust to the buff you’ll have an easier time. If not you get debuffed. You can choose modes that fit your build or that enhance your build.
That could basically be scuffed VH skills.

  • ADHS: More damage while moving, less damage standing.
  • Tink lyfe!: More damage while crouching/sliding, less damage while standing/jumping
  • Shot to your heart!: critical spot is changed/added
  • Dot com: dot chance and damage is increased, direct damage is reduced
  • Torgue fanservice: every gun procs splash damage, dots are removed.
  • From downtown!: over 10m/33ft away more damage under 10m/33ft less damage, up to X% more damage
  • Bad breath: opposite of from downtown
  • Fatman: increased radiation dot and nova, other elements efficiency reduced
  • let it go: 100% Cryo efficiency now freezes at 50% life, dots reduced
  • El diablo: fire dots increased and damage increases even more over time, other dots efficiency reduced
  • I said freeze!: shock dot is increased and stuns when applied, other dots efficiency reduced
  • Heartburn: corrosion dots increased, melting enemies vomit periodically

Etc etc etc

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those were discussed by developers because they seem a lot more in-line with the designs of the modifiers currently in game than say any of the ones I proposed.

I like all of those apart from the last one, they are too damn quick already :joy:

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