Brainstorming Borderlands 3 ideas

Firstly, I’d like to apologise if this is the wrong place to put this thread. However in the absence of a borderlands 3 category(There will be eventually, but obviously gearbox is concentrating on battleborn and will continue to do so after launch for quite some time I imagine); and the lack of any sort of suggestion category I’ve decided to just put it here.

Now to start things off I’d like to see S&S munitions make a return to the borderlands universe. The bandit weapons have already replaced S&S munitions manufacturer trait of having large magazines so that’s a no go, but I believe there is a niche S&S weapons could fill with an, almost, new trait similar to Zero’s bore skill in effect; Armour piercing bullets. This effect would allow bullets to pass through enemies, negate bullet reflection and also allow you to shoot through the shields of nomads and the heads of spiderants; basically enemies which have abilities that block or severely reduce damage from certain directions.
The armour piercing effect would not get damage increases like Zero’s bore skill, and I would expect them to lose damage after passing through an enemy. I will also assume that the bullets with this effect would not be able to bounce off of surfaces like rocks and walls.
These weapons should probably do non-elemental damage, as the part of the gun that grants elemental effects would likely be replaced by the armour piercing attachment.

I’d like S&S to be portrayed as manufacturing weapons used by police forces and swat teams which means SMG’s, shotguns, and snipers. The SMG’s should probably be similar to Tediore weapons, but with slower reloads and higher damage, mediocre stats for everything else.
I have two Ideas for shotguns. The first is having them fire single, powerful slugs and keeping the armour piercing effect; giving them fairly good accuracy and semi-auto fire. The second is to lose the armour piercing effect(but remain non-elemental) and to be more akin to assault shotguns, with high rates of fire, high pellet counts and damage, but with merely average magazine size, low reload speed and horrific accuracy and spread.
The sniper rifles would be semi-auto like the Jacobs sniper rifles, but with less damage in favour of recoil reduction along with low power scopes, possibly even iron sights.

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good to know.

I really like your idea about armor piercing ammunition in addition to the elemental types. And having that type of ammo come from a particular manufacturer builds on an idea I had for BL3 - instead of whole guns, also have gun parts.

Each gun would be built from typical components (barrel, stock, magazine, etc.) which could be interchangeable. And, like the guns, each manufacturer would put their style on each part. So a Jakobs barrel might be more accurate, but you could combine it with a bandit mag to increase capacity but at the cost of lower gun mobility. I haven’t thought through all the combinations, but you get the idea. And you would need to balance each component and manufacturer. But there have been plenty of times when I have found an awesome gun and wished I could swap the scope.

In addition to that, you could also change out the elemental type of the gun (or armor piercing or whatever other cool ideas they can come up with). That could be part of the magazine or a whole other component. Because, again, there have been times when I find a great gun and wished it was corrosive instead of fire.

This is a pretty cool idea for the return of S&S Munitions! As I’ve already said in a thread of my own on this board, even if S&S don’t make a return, I’d still love to get some form of ECHO Logs explaining, in-universe, why they disappeared in the first place. The sheer lack of information regarding their sudden disappearance is unsettling, especially after we got to learn so much about how Atlas fell after the events of Borderlands 1.

If the manufacturer does make a return though, whatever way they come back, they’d better keep the black-and-yellow paint scheme. Gotta keep up appearances, after all!