[Brainstorming] Possible Gear System Adjustment

Just going to toss this out here in a fire and forget fashion and see what happens. May as well tag @Jythri and @gRANT_ while I am at it so they can have a look-see. I was thinking about adding a system to the gear system that monitors the number of people using a particular piece of gear (and possibly even combinations of gear) and then after collecting and analyzing the data automatically adjusts (or perhaps just suggests adjustments to the developers) the activation costs for each piece of gear. The more a piece of gear is used the more it will cost. The less it is used the less it will cost. Eventually, some sort of equilibrium may be reached if everything is working as intended. Or it may just throw everything into a general state of chaos and people will be at my door with torches and pitchforks demanding my head for even suggesting this.

One problem with this system that I can see is some gear is still so situational that even at greatly reduced activation costs many people will still not use it. Also, it may break the current zero cost gear that people love to use (well, not break, but make it so that it’s no longer zero cost). Anyway, I’ve fired this off and I expect it will soon be shot down shortly.

[Edit] Note: I don’t expect this to be the only change to the gear system if it was added (which I’m pretty sure it won’t be based on the feedback, or lack thereof in this case). The developers are already planning on adding new types of gear, many which are not so situational as to be useless like many of the current gear pieces are. They don’t plan on removing those pieces but they may rework them (or at the very least their activation costs). They may be changing the costs on the legendary gear as well. So in addition to adding gear that is not so situational and undesirable they also probably have other ideas on the table as well.

My idea is simply to bring a little bit of balance to the gear system, to balance things out so you are not seeing the same exact gear set in everyone’s loadouts. Some legendaries are less desirable but still cost 1800 shards to activate. With this system the cost would drop. I know people would be upset that their must haves would be a bit more expensive though, but their effectiveness should have been reflected in the cost already. Some of them are too powerful even for 1800 shards. In the end it’s up to the devs and I imagine they’re most likely just going to adjust the cost for everything manually.

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I don’t honestly see the advantage of this overhaul?

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surely they have this data anyway

I don’t think an auto adjust system is really what we need. I think bringing some more item types in line would be more beneficial. Like adjusting the relationship between Max Health, Damage Reduction and Health Regen. Max Health is almost always more useful except in certain situations. Health Regen is somewhere in between. I’d also like to see CC reduction get a boost and possible provide up to about 50% cc reduction if you have a blue cc gear and a secondary cc stat on your other 2 items.

Stolen discussion from the discord which was in response to brainstorming:

[7:41 PM] Kitru: especially since some extremely often used items (like free shard gens) would be basically ruined if their costs were adjusted
[7:41 PM] NatsumeRyu: the problem with gear is that, like characters, when they were locked, you had stilted statistics because only a fraction of the playerbase has access to it
[7:42 PM] NatsumeRyu: even more so with gear than with the charcters
[7:42 PM] NatsumeRyu: which did not rely on rng
[7:42 PM] Kitru: I really do think they need to add some PvE legs to the marketplace on a circulating basis
[7:43 PM] NatsumeRyu: just putting any gear for sale would be great.
[7:43 PM] NatsumeRyu: one week could be purple x gear
[7:43 PM] NatsumeRyu: next week could be orange y gear
[7:43 PM] Kitru: well, for that, I think a “newbie pack” that gives out 20 pieces of gear that are considered “must haves” would be good
[7:44 PM] NatsumeRyu: x and y being gear types, like attack damage, etc(edited)
[7:44 PM] Kitru: reward it at CR 5
[7:44 PM] NatsumeRyu: if they cycled that in the marketplace itd be a great place to drop both credits and plat
[7:45 PM] Kitru: specialized loot packs, such as “Attack Damage pack” that has a chance to drop any attack damage primary (including PvE legs) would be cool
[7:45 PM] Kitru: just make sure to cycle them so that they’re not constantly available
[7:46 PM] NatsumeRyu: ^
[7:46 PM] NatsumeRyu: even go so far as to make it change every day
[7:47 PM] NatsumeRyu: and be different for every player, like quests, but not pure rng - so you start with a full list, game checks off that it did that one, cant do it again until all others have been cycled through

[8:00 PM] NatsumeRyu: also, like the quests they wouldt accumulate/progress without you
[8:01 PM] NatsumeRyu: so if you’d been checking off the gear its been giving you and all thats left is cc, you still have to log in to get it to proc trying to sell it to you

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