Brainstorming some ideas to improve this game

I’ve been playing since launch and have been trying to be vocal when necessary, either defending this game or offering constructive feedback in the hopes that the devs will see a post or two and improve this game for the community. With DLC 6 introducing a lot of new and fun things, I think it’s time to make another thread critiquing the game and brainstorming possible solutions.

Let’s begin!

Crazy Earl’s Rerolls
The problem: rerolls cost 250 eridium and it takes a lot of it to get the rolls we want.
Solutions: There are a few ways to address this problem, in my opinion.

  1. Decrease the amount of eridium necessary to reroll gear from 250 to 150-100.
  2. Have each reroll offer the player 3 possible anointment rolls that they can choose from.
  3. Increase the amount of eridium that drops from in game content, such as bosses. I’ve been farming GenIVIV for a Reflux after seeing the buff to it and have noticed that this story mode boss only drops about 6 eridium per kill. Graveward–one of the better bosses to farm–drops about ~45-50 eridium per kill. The question I would like to ask is how many boss kills equal one reroll? Perhaps ~5 is the perfect number, but that’s only if you’re farming Graveward or that turtle boi in DLC 3 (forgot his name). Other bosses such as the twins take much longer to kill due to immune phases and other bosses like GenIVIV drop a miniscule amount. Perhaps make bosses without immune phases drop 45-55 eridium and bosses with immune phases (the twins) drop ~125 eridium. I’d also recommend increasing the amount of eridium that can be earned from the vault card by an additional 500, but maybe that’s just me.
  4. Remove unused/garbage anointments from the pool. Most of the anointments added in last year were garbage and only served the purpose of diluting the loot pool. They could either be consolidated into one anointment per character that stated something like “Amara’s action skill damage is doubled” or removed altogether, I don’t really care either way as long as it’s fixed.

Vault Chests - Diamond Keys
I’m not sure what the drop rates on these diamond keys is meant to be, but whatever it is it’s not high enough. Either increases the odds of pulling the keys or fix it to a certain milestone, like every 5-10 levels you get a diamond key. My vault card is level 29 and I still haven’t got one. I’ve heard of players getting their first one in the 50s and I don’t see this as a strong incentive for keeping them playing the game.

Maurice Vending Machine
I haven’t seen much reason to go to this vending machine and the main reason for that is because it seems that it more often than not contains world drops. I don’t need world drops, I need gear that can only be obtained through specific bosses, like the Redline, Psycho Stabber, Queen’s Call, and Bekah (please, make the Bekah easier to farm, I beg you). A vending machine full of world drops is lackluster and a waste of time. Make it drop more exciting loot.

Anointments - Too Damn Many!
There are too many useless anointments in this game that most players typically groan when they see. Either consolidate them or get rid of many of them. Here’s a quick list of anointments I think are irritating and useless.

  • action skills do 100% damage (this first one includes like 15 anoints and is the biggest burden on the anoint system, imo)
    -Siren anoint that adds 40% rad damage
    -Rakk attack, 50% crit
    Consolidate them or remove them, either way something needs to be changed

Anointments - Reworking the Old and Adding the New
Prior to late 2020, there were a few anointments that weren’t ever used that involved different mechanics like jumping or sliding (iirc). What made them bad was that they did not do enough. To fix this, make them reward your damage. Here are some possible examples that could make them more worthwhile as well as some new ideas for anointments.
-While in the air/jumping, weapon damage is increased 150-300%. I know that 300 seems like a lot, but this might make the anointment good and introduce a new way to play the game. This could also be done with crit damage to incentive accurate jump shots with accurate weapons.
-Shield/grenade anointment: after sliding, gain increased reload speed (75%) and fire rate (25%) for a short time (~8 seconds). This could incentivize players to use slower reloading weapons and possibly forego using an ASE 50% anoint, thus increasing variety depending on build and weapon selection.
-While crouching, gain 150% crit damage. Simple, to the point, and can encourage slower, tankier builds. This could also possibly create a new Flak Monarch meta that could be fun.

On to character buffs/reworks (I don’t know everything about the characters so please forgive me).


  • Guerillas in the Mist. People want to see this buffed. Maybe 50%? Maybe 75%? No idea, but it doesn’t seem to see much use in its current state.
    -Purple Tree. I genuinely don’t think that many people use this tree and so it should be massively reworked.

Amara (My main so I might have a lot to say here)
-her bossing ability needs some help. Yes, she can mob, we all know this. But her bossing isn’t that great and could be improved. She has many lackluster skills that could be improved as well, including her 18% elemental damage cap stone, that could be better with a bit of mayhem scaling perhaps?

-Do people use her purple tree besides a few points?
-It would be greaat if she didn’t die constantly from her own explosions. (Please, I just want to use the Flakker, Gearbox).

-The man, the myth, the legend.
-I have like 30 minutes on this guy and from what I see he’s doing fine as it is. Any suggestions, gang?

Weapon Buffs
There are many weapons in this game that I think deserve more love than they’ve received. I’m going to list some off the top of my head that I would like to see buffed in the future! Note, I don’t think every gun needs to be OP, in fact I’d be fine if Gearbox nerfed a lot of stuff to help with balancing issues, since this game is insane, even compared to BL2.

-Conference Call
-Sledge’s Shotgun
-Bekah(?) No idea, never used it since it’s so F#$%ing hard to get. DO YOU HEAR ME GEARBOX?!?
-Unkempt Harold (Not gonna lie, would be cool to see it OP again lol)
-Baby Maker
-Wedding Invitation
-One Pump Chump

Okay, I want to get back to playing the game now, but I think I’ve laid out some possible changes that I’m sure players would love to see. If anyone wants to add to this list, I might get around to updating it with your suggestions. Maybe Gearbox will see this and say “wow, this is a really great list of things we could improve upon! We understand that players want these changes, and we are going to work to bring them to everyone so that our game can be the best it can be :)” Wouldn’t that be great! @Noelle_GBX

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The Baby Maker has since received a buff.

  • Trials and circles , need few more of those , 1 of each per DLC (drops and mobs themed around that dlc)
  • Arms Race maps , need 2 more of those , 1 for the base game , 1 other for DLC 5 owners.
  • Gold to Eridium converter , better eridium drops all around .
  • Options to toggle off a lot of the visual effect that clutters the screen .
  • More Takedowns (1 for each dlc but accessible from the base game)
  • More Raid bosses
    That and fixing every single bug left -.-

I care less about balance and how some weapons are just plain OP vs the rest , just think the game lacks variety for most of the endgame content .


Might be wrong here, but I don’t think lowering the eridium reroll amount would be a good fix. The bad rng is still there, so it’s still possible to spend tens of thousands of eridium to get an anoint.


Bring back the Grinder for TPS but simplify the recipe system.

Add the Option of upgrading or downgrading the Mayhem Level of an Item to the Reroll Machine for weapons that are not Mayhem 4 & 6 Exclusives. 5M for each level up or down.

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A bit less expensive option would be to remove anointment from the pool after it was rolled. That would put a hard limit on a quantity of rolls required as it would increase a chance of rolling “the right” one after each unsuccessful outcome.


I have stated this previously and i think it offers the best solution. Why not be able to choose which characters annointments you wish to start with. Say i have 20,000 eridium on my Amara but i want Zane annointments. I should be able to pick zane only annointments. Also lets extend it further with the option to start out with universal annointments that can apply to any character. Also non repeating annointments unless you already cycled through every specific annointment in that category.

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That and/or removing a lot of anoinments (make moze’s IB anoinments 1 anointment) and/or have vault hunters roll only their anoinments :wink:

Many ways to make this better hehe i think lowering the cost won’t do much


@GBX spend more time fixing actual bugs and issues with this game that have been a problem since the game released back in September of 2019 instead of nerfing and buffing things based on what a few streamers are doing.


Load times are the #1 thing GB needs to improve.


The only issue I have with this proposal would be what about for those people who accidentally roll past the anointment they want? Would they be doomed to not get that anointment again? Could you reset the process somehow perhaps?

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Is it a instant button press to re-roll? No, “are you sure” menu? I haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet. Need to level a character lmao

Instant - I think I made one accidental button press at some point (fortunately it was the very first re-roll) and I actually noticed that.

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  • this is basically the full list of things with great ideas
  • gold to eridium converter, GREAT IDEA
  • y having like 5 more takedowns and or circles would be dope… i want a horror dlc 2 and a full bot rush hyperion trial…
  • more raidbosses, YES FOR FS SAKE, just honestly we would have needed 1 stackable and 1 normal raidboss per dlcs HONESTLY
    here are a few i pull out of my hat
  1. stacking bot that takes dead bot parts and becomes a super hyperion loader
    this could honestly also be a constructor bot and he makes new bots while the drones take detryoed bot parts and enhance that thing, as an invincible this constructor will generate special hyperion bots and become a new helios but smaller, suddenly you get moonblasted and fight this epic new helios space station
  2. a massiv invincible wolven that will grow and like OOO but a bit fixed so its not impossibly hard to get him, has a pack mechanic so that wolf calls other wolven and gets cool formation style attacks on you
  3. MASSIV T-rex that evolves by taking out other enemies like a goliath ( special mayhem balancing so he can take ■■■■ down, could become some sort of track and destroy thing where it runs off from map to map once it has reached its second stage of evolving, so you gotta hunt after it and eventually on a random map in the dlc where it ends its transformation you can fght this MASSIV enemy in the open
  4. OOO for dlc 4… honestly just do an OOO kind of psycho deal for dlc 4 easy…
  5. dlc 6 gets vermivorous so he can now spawn from varkid evolving again
  6. base game gets a massiv ratch, they already eat other ratches, make it so they can evolve every ime they gain a new healthbar, so at 5 this thing is an invincible

beyond that most of these COULD happen in arms race oo, varkids, psychos, ratches, if you had a chance to encounter any of these inarms race it be a super nice thing

pay me later

If they intend for people to keep playing, they really need to start addressing the game’s stability overall. On consoles, even on PC this game just performs underpar and loves to crash.

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Some of that is pretty cool, especially the hyperion constructer bot raid boss. This is stuff i thought i would see on this game. But nay it was naught.

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stability on this game is horrible

since last patch my game keeps crashing and freezing and i cant even do a single takedown without risking the entire thing to crash

after months since m11 where i had none of these, just laggs maybe

im not rly sure how you can fix this at this point, the game is unplayable to me


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Regarding the reroll vendor, why not just omit the other vault hunters anointments? That would drastically improve your odds of getting a decent anoint. 250 may be a bit high, but if you get 100% while ASA, and you’re complaining that you can’t get 200% ASA, tough luck.

A lot of others have mentioned removing certain bl2 features. The biggest one for me is the lack of loot enemies. I think the last time I saw a loot midget was wherever they had that week long event. And tubbies. Where are all the tubbies? AGAIN, I’ve maybe seen 5 tubbies since that same event, like a year ago. And why didn’t each new animal get a tubby/loot enemy? Tubby jabber? Tubby ceratops? Make it so tubbies spawn much more frequently on m10. M10 is the toughest difficulty, even if you get Healy avenger, drone repair, and the invulnerable very hard mod. Make it worthwhile to play m10.

Personally I do. I use efficiency engine and try to keep IC up as much as possible combined with flare. Honestly not too bad, but I don’t think the elemental stuff adds too much damage, but it probably helps IC stay up. Overall, viable and not terrible, IC can kill things while I walk by, Flare gives me a ton of damage, efficiency engine makes me strong overtime, not a bad skill tree tbh. Better than Flak.

The self damage is a bit whack, but not a priority to me as a Moze main.

Gravity Trap sucks with no real usage at all. It’s not practical, not useful, and it could be fun honestly. Maybe if the gravity trap just insta-killed confused enemies, but other than that, no good use. Anointments won’t fix the fact the action skill is terrible to begin with not to mention almost no damage skills in the tree that are really good. I might experiment a bit again with copying the shield to the pet,but it barely helps the player’s dps themselves.

Improvement: Maybe make it a teleporting snare, point in a direction and it teleports, bonus damage to those in the snare like slag, or make them take a DOT over time as well. Efficiency Engine like skill, more gun damage the more it’s active. You can just tack it on to one of the augments too like bonus ammo. Also make the Wide Net radius the default, pretty impractical otherwise. Maybe if the teleporting snare becomes a thing this might not need to be done.

My opinion with the game in general compared to other games:
I thought after TPS, it would be BL3’s time to shine since they nailed the skill trees in TPS, and there was so much content in BL2. Instead, we got a decent amount of content, and mediocre skill trees.

The skill trees were more boring despite the customization. To me, it was probably the personality not being weaved in with the action skills and character. For example, in TPS, Claptrap had these ridiculous action skills that were random and were also being unlocked with the tree. Along with other cool bonuses like explosions and subroutines which was its own cool thing. Athena had this elemental switch playstyle that gave her one of her identites along with melee bleed dashes too. Jack had manufacture bonuses and a skill to straight up say Jack things because he’s jack. Nisha gunslinger with two pistols and some cowgirl, explosion stuff. Aurelia sniper and a co-op tree which admittedly, Idk if it was even good, but the tree itself had a personality with master and servant which is very Aurelia of her. Basically in BL3, the skills didn’t interact with the action skills enough and to compensate, augments were added in. Augments don’t have the same effect as those skills in the past games, and the variety of action skills were good, but maybe sacrificing the effect the skill tree should have on them and vice-versa was a bad thing. And I don’t know if this can actually be fixed really without some kind of rework

The fix for this:
Make augments include even more than just editing the action skill. Possibly more gun damage, add kill skills, survivability, etc., just more than it adds right now. Maybe Iron Bear’s augments can add more damage to the actual moze instead of just upgrading Iron Bear. Either that or make new class mods that interact with each action skill in a unique way that intertwines the character with the action skill kinda like the flare class mod for Moze.

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The way I fixed BL3, is, at start up, I make sure that the “3” reads as “2”, or “GotY”.