Brainstorming the Brainstormer

I been using a Brainstormer as a primary damage for TTB Amara build and it works great. It’s a Redundant Brainstormer. I just got another one gifted to me and as I compared the stats I started getting a bit puzzled on some of the stats:

Maybe someone can answer a couple questions?
-Redundant has -23% weapon damage but still higher damage than cash-infused with no weapon damage penalty? Why? Is the penalty only applied to the damage number and not total so I got a lucky roll on the multiplier that makes up for it or is there some correlation between the multiplier and the prefixes or something else?
-Which is better? More damage with faster reload time or less damage with higher elemental damage and bigger mag but slower reload time?
-Bonus question: what does the “cash-infused” prefix do exactly? The gun says nothing about cash in the description (I assume it means money).

I been hearing that you can’t pay no mind to what it shows on the card. The actual numbers above from Damage to Magazine Size is what important. I made a huge mistake discarding some good stats on a gun because a status description confuses me


the -% weapon damage is applied to the pellets, the redundant is shooting out twice as many pellets as the cash infused, but those 14 pellets make up more dmg than the 7 pellets on the cash infused one. doing some calculating there’d be about ~900 dmg improvement with the redundant over the cash infused.

also i’ll be real in saying i’m not sure what the cash infused prefix does on Hyperion guns, I’ve been thinking it’s a default “electric” prefix for Hyperion (if so it would be a default prefix for electric hyperion guns, I believe very common on brainstomer given it being a guaranteed electric gun), but don’t quote me on it. if so any other prefix would push the “cash infused” off of it


I attempted to answer a similar question here

The gist of it is that the -23% gun damage is compensating for the fact you now have 2x the pellets.

Cash infused is the prefix name, it has nothing to do with any in game currency. I unfortunately don’t know exactly what the prefix does.


Sorry I said suffix but I meant prefix. I think in the past (maybe even some in BL3) that have similar prefixes like cash infused and enemies drop actual cash but maybe I’m confusing it with some other prefix.

It sounds like in the case of the Redundant the prefix is playing a major role in how the gun operates and there is a direct correlation between the gun damage penalty and the prefix. That makes the cash-infused prefix even more baffling. How can a prefix on one gun play such a large role while on another it’s not clear that it does anything? o.O

Also, nobody has attempted to answer my second question. Which one is better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the top line damage number king in most cases or do people put more weight into other things like mag size, reload speed and elemental damage?

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No clue how accurate this is but I found this info regarding prefixes:

From that site:
Cash-infused does shock and boosts money drops

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If as @njreyl suspects and cash infused is the base prefix then it literally does nothing. It’s just a placehold that would be replaced if certain conditions where met.

It depends.

It’s a really infuriating answer but the answer really does need context. For the Brainstormer specifically I’d take the Redundant prefix as it spawns more chains which is the source of the guns damage.

In general however the 2 stats I pay most attention to are damage and mag size.


That’s sort of been my mindset as well. In general I usually look at damage and mag size as well. Then reload speed and fire rate are sort of tied for me as next important but for some weapons it’s hard to decipher what is better between it all.

I played with both. The Redundant version I tried used up a lot of ammo compared to the regular cash infused. It felt like it was a quicker kill but i was consistently running out of ammo with the Redundant. I banked my Redundant.


I do seem to have that problem as well so I guess that brings up another question. Why would that be the case? My understanding of the multiplier means more pellets per shot not more shells so it shouldn’t be eating more ammo or is there something else less obvious going on?

The redundant uses twice the ammo per shot.


OK, that makes sense now that I think about it. I was thinking it was double pellets not double shells.

dmg wise, the redundant is definitely better, i’ve never seen cash drop increase with cash infused hyperion guns tho

you’ll be using more ammo for sure

also looks like the cash infused one has an amp shield gun piece on it, and the redundant doesn’t show the details upfront on that so you might want to inspect if further to see what it’s shield does.

The prefix is the Hyperion specific prefix for ‘Shock’. That’s all.

Only partially right. No prefix boosts money drops. However ‘Bankrolled’ is the prefix on the Predatory Lending that lets it shoot money instead of bullets. It’s the only weapon that deals in any way with cash.


It uses 2 ammo per shot instead of one. What confuses me is it should take half as many shots since it uses 2 per and has more damage. I didn’t quite understand it either. Only thing I can come up with is since it shoots more ammo faster it’s giving less time for the DOT to work it’s magic.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll try the cash infused. I’m currently using 2 shotguns so saving some ammo might be worthwhile even if slightly less damage. I use the Brainstormer when using TTB and then switch to one of my new Slow Hand shotguns to mop up with (or if it’s a single target).

i think you’ll feel like you’re doing better with the redundant under any circumstance other than FOE Amara (and possibly crit Fl4k), although FOE Amara (if you’re running that skill tree) might benefit more from the elemental aspect of the cash infused one.

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Yeah, that’s what I was sort of wondering. If the elemental boost on the cash-infused might somewhat make up for the lower damage. I’m not full on FOE tree but far enough to get TTB.

However, I’m thinking of trying phaseslam instead and altering my build a bit like this for more survivability (and to take advantage of my Transformer anointment for phaseslam)

I tried redundant and went back to cash infused. Much longer time between reloads which does allow for more chains. Also that 21% crit dmg is nice!

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