Brand buff ideas

Reduce charge times across the board. If Amara can reduce charge time 63% with her skills(or more if she gets a class mod). at least 20% boost.

Increase damage across the board. a small boost, like 10% to base damage.

Faster projectile speed. torgue is the company known for slow projectile speed, not maliwan.

More accuracy. each mailiwan gun feels like an alien minigun, but without the fire rate and damage.

Better elements. Have the elemntal effect do a bit more daage, and have a higher proc chance.

have elemental efffects stack(I am stealing this from another post, I dont remember who). maybe all element guns can stack, but Maliwan gets a bigger effect. I remember the problem on their post was how to show it.

faster cooldown. they currently feel like shields, with the recharge delay and recharge speed. make them start to cooldown either instantly or nearly instantly. either this or let us maunually cool it down. faster than the full cooldown.

higher heat. they all say 70, but empty their clip faster than any other gun.

they dont feel like they did in bl2. they feel like they have less accuracy and less damage. I feel like when I scope down, Its not a dot, but a circle.

Come on Rhys, make more than like 4 guns. quit focusing on your “Viperdrive, when you just need to hear what your neighbors are saying about you. Atlas, state of the art” and make more guns. this is why you nearly lost to trash maliwan.

For Maliwan i think only the quasar weps need to be stronger, they are so weak.

I agree with faster charge time. Some either have 0 charge time or like 2s charge time and its ridiculous.