Brand Collaboration

In life, many brands are collaborating with each other. And what if we could see the same brand collaboration in BL 3, when 2 or more brands create a unique version of the weapon, a grenade, a class modifier, and so on. And most importantly, the patrs of which they are made, will also be the joint work of these brands, for example, not just a Malivan handle,and the sight is from hyperion, there will be a handle that was made by Malivan and Hyperion, and it is also possible there will be several versions of these part as it is done now. What do you think?

In a universe where corporations own you and constantly compete against one another for dominance, I doubt there will be much collaboration between them. Not sayin’ it’s impossible, but just highly, HIGHLY improbable.

When they fight, nobody wins. Well, except the ones funding it.