Brand Loyalty run questions

I’d love to do this with Lilith but can’t seem to find any official or unofficial rules or guidelines on what’s deemed acceptable or not. I don’t think all mods/shields are made by every manufacturer so I wasn’t sure how to factor those things in. If anyone has any direction for me, would be much appreciated!

Some people make exceptions for class mods, grenade mods, and shields. For example, I know a lot of people that’ll use Anshin or Pangolin accessories because they don’t even make guns. Just choose a method, try to stick to it and make sure you don’t fire a round from anything other than the manufacturer you choose. That’s really all there is to it. Pretty much every character I make at this point is a loyalty character and it’s a lot of fun!

Little tip for ya, though: If you choose Dahl or S&S, you won’t be able to find a shield until the Dahl Headlands because corrosive items don’t spawn in-game until that point. I like the challenge of having it 100% pure. I won’t even equip somethin’ other than the manufacturer of my choice and if it’s automatically equipped from a quest reward, I drop it immediately. Good luck and have fun! :sunglasses: Feel free to make a thread about your journey. I know a lot of folks like to read about loyalty runs.

[quote=“Thatdudewillyd, post:1, topic:1166883”]official or unofficial rules or guidelines on what’s deemed acceptable or not.
[/quote]There aren’t any hard and fast rules about it. I do it because it adds another dimension to the gameplay (maximizing weapon gimmick behavior). I play a little loose with the rules (I use relics and COMs from any manufacturer plus some other one-off exceptions) because I’m after entertainment more than a sense of, eh, duty? to the brand. What are your expectations as you consider an allegiance run?

I got the gun loyalty figured out, I just wanted to hear what people thought about sticking to certain mods but now that you mention Anshin/Pangolin usage I remember reading about them using that. It’ll definitely be hard to pass up yummy non-brand items but this seemed like a fun way to spice up a playthrough. I’ll see about posting pics of my journey.

Awesome, man! Good luck. I’m thinking about starting a new Professional that uses Anshin stuff as well.

You should ask @KittyJo about her melee only play through with Mord.

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If you’re doing a STRICT loyalty play through, then you can rule out Tediore weapons and shields, because Tediore doesn’t make a Siren CoM.
Atlas makes Siren CoMs, but they don’t make submachine guns.
Tongue makes fantastic submachine guns, but no Siren CoMs.
If you want to make a TRUE loyalty Siren, your choices are Dahl or Maliwan.
You could do something goofy like a Hyperion Siren for the Plaguebearer mod, but Maliwan also makes one, and it would better suit your purpose, because they also make SMGs.
If you’re going PURE - in my experience it’s best to go with Dahl.

That said, my Sirens only play weapon loyalty.
They can use any shield, CoM, or grenade mod that suits their purpose.
Because keep in mind that weapons, shields, CoMs, and grenade mods level up in increments of 9. Which means that if you’re currently running a Maliwan PURE play through and have a fantastic level 34 shock shield, you’ll be level 43 before you find another shield you can use.
It also means that when you finally find that level 43 5-line ammo-regen Dahl Merc CoM, you can’t use it.

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