Brand New Colors?

So, I was dicking around in the Dojo trying to get a feel for the “new and improved” Gals when I noticed this thing:

What is this beautiful array of colors?! Where did it come from?! Can I keep it?! For the love of Baker Mike’s super buttery and flaky croissants fresh from the oven can I keep it!?!


Some of the new skins you see are Magnus-Pack Skins (new marketplace lootpack thingy). You can try any skin at all in the Dojo (even premium ones) but you can’t “keep 'em” until you unlock 'em.

But yeah, in short; that’s a new lootpack skin you can unlock.


Wait, it’s tied specifically to the new Magnus packs (which apparently also cycle through the colors/taunts you already have)?

Well, that sucks. :neutral_face:

That’s not a guarantee
But so far anyone who has got one has gotten them from the magnus packs

So it seems the case
Just not a for sure yet