Brand new look for rifle/shotgun

(Akp09b) #1

Here’s something fun I thought would be a neat gun look for borderlands 3. It’s a real world design and I thought it was crazy enough to be a BL3 gun. Let me know what y’all think…

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(Velocitas est Vita) #2

Model looks very clean, although I feel like the muzzle brake seems a little out of place - seems to modern-looking for a rather antique-styled gun. Maybe something shorter, with a more antiquated look to the metal?

(Akp09b) #3

I thought it would fit somewhere in the Jacobs/Tediore style of gun. I could be wrong but I just thought the mechanical aspects of the gun were pretty neat.

(Extant Reality) #4

An example of excellent work, well done, well done indeed. I enjoy a good weapons design.

(Cam) #5

Looks like a shotgun with a revolver cylinder made from a fishing reel.