Brand new skill calculator on Lootlemon

Many of you know and use Lootlemon site to check drop sources, chances and other stuff related to loot in BL3 (and BL2), but now you can also made your own builds there.
Brand new skill calculator includes all four skill trees to play with, and there will be more features added in the future like Class Mods support.
Amara -
FL4K -
Moze -
Zane -

There is also calculator for BL2 characters.

Axton -
Gaige -
Krieg -
Maya -
Salvador -
Zer0 -

And in future updates BL1 and TPS may be added as well.

Here is original topic made by creator of Lootlemon.


Falls under the community resources more. All the character resources link to skill calculators. So its a 2 minute job to add them there. Pinning something like this just opens the floodgates to a ton of other “deserving” threads. Which clogs up each section with pinned threads rather than discussion.

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Exactly, I’m just updating the first post in pinned BL3 Community Resource Guide, adding this and couple more links.

Thank you so much!

I am in no way associated with the Lootlemon site and I don’t know anything about the folks who run/maintain it, but if the quality and usefulness of their skill tree calculator is anything close to that of the gear legend/resource hosted on their site, I have found my new build theory-crafting resource! Lootlemon’s gear database is fantastic - 10/10 would recommend.


Fair enough, just hate seeing great guides buried in threads.

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Nice! I will change my bookmark. This is faster than the official site, easier to switch between characters, and has a point removal button (instead of starting completely over if I change my mind mid-build about something).

You can even move points in full build if you want change lower tier skills.

Thanks, for your kind works. I am the sole guy who created the the website.
I know that there are still areas which need improvement, but I think the features I intend to add next year will make it even more useful for theory-crafting.


Looks good!

I’ve added a link to the Zane calculator in the Zane Community Guide as well.

@ScaryKangaroo Major props to you friend for your work on the site! You are an awesome member of our community! Thank you for the site.


To everyone who has shared or saved a build with the Lootlemon Skill Calculator.

With yesterdays update a necessary change was made to the ordering of skills.
This change only impacts saved and shared builds, newly created builds are not impacted.

Your invested skill points on some skills in the green, blue and red skill tree may have been moved to another skill next to it.
If that is the case please reset that skill tree or move the points over to the original skill.

Further improvements to the skill calculator won’t impact your saved/shared Builds!
Apologies for the issues that this necessary change may have caused.


Can o ask a quick question about lootlemon?What are those icons and what do they mean? Is it the drop source like M4=mayhem 4?

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Blue one = means this COM can also be a world drop.
Red one = Dedicated drop only on these enemies from DLC4.
M4 one = means this COM is a M4+ exclusive.
White one = Arm’s Race dedicated drops.

Only assumptions, but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.


Ah, hey.
Yea I think those new icons on some items need some clarification on the website.
I think I’ll add a legend to it at some point.

Globe (diferent colors) = Base Game/DLC World Drops
M4 = Drops that only drop on Mayhem 4 and higher
M6 = Drops that only drop on Mayhem 6 and higher

Icons on the Left mean:
Star = New items
Up Arrows = Buffed
Red Database Symbol = Datamined
Red NO Sign = Currently not Available