Brands per character

So i just recently ended all the dlc with zane and i want to try something i did in borderlands 2 and that’s palying the other characters with a specific weapon brand so the. Question Is: wich brands suits each character better Lore and clases wise (2 brands per character if possible)

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Moze would obviously be Vladof. I’m thinking Amara and Maliwan for the elemental? I feel like FL4K should be CoV for that ‘cobbled together’ feeling, while Inspector Gadget (Zane) should be Atlas. That’s purely from a character perspective though.

I think @Adabiviak is already running some allegiance characters?

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I have exact 3 suggestions you listed, although I did not have that specific justifications why CoV Fl4k, but it does fit.

I also have the following ones:

Jakobs Fl4k
Dahl Zane
Amara with only bladed (%+ on melee) weapons
Splash Moze - only splash weapons
Alien Moze - only alien barrels
Hyperion Zane (because he already has barrier and Hyperion has shields on guns…)


Dahl Zane also works, with all those crazy reload animations. Flying guns! Guns with legs! Yeah, totally get that.

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I don’t know about that. Fl4k is also all about “the hunt” and I think Jakobs shotguns and rifles are the closest thing this game has to hunting weapon. That aside, they also lend themselves much better to the character than CoV.


I tinker a bit with allegiance builds in BL3, as well. Here’s what I use:

Fl4k - CoV, Jakobs
Zane - Atlas, Hyperion
Moze - Tediore, Torgue, Vladof
Amara - Dahl, Maliwan


Guns with legs is Tediore specialty, no?

I’m out of coffee here this morning - can you tell?

Tediore would fit gadget wise, Dahl is more combat veteran thinking about it so more Moze?

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That would make perfect sense. Somehow I ended up with Dahl Zane and Tediore Moze (true story) though - probably should swap them around.

I am, but only for weapons - manufacturer-themed grenades and shields seem to be gone from BL3.

  • Jakobs FL4K (with Fade Away and a Spiderant- fantastic for one-hit kills and sneaking into great sniping positions).
  • Maliwan Amara for the elemental enhancements.
  • Hyperion Amara mostly because they make the Face Puncher and this siren is built around melee, but she’ll do “normal” combat with the rest of that arsenal.
  • Dahl Zane: I find that Dahl guns are fantastic at a specific range, but too close or too far, and they get tricky, so the Barrier and Clone help me maintain this sweet spot.
  • Atlas Zane is focused around Violent Momentum. Once an enemy is tagged, I can sort of fire indiscriminately, allowing me to keep shots on target while running at outrageous speeds and focusing on maintaining speed and navigating the terrain. Fun AF.
  • CoV FL4K uses Gamma Burst with the Skag and is largely a pet-based build (where I help where possible with the weapons, though some of the new ones hit pretty hard).
  • Torgue Moze built down the Shield of Retrubution tree: I have a hard time with any kind of range with Torgue gear, so to close those gaps, I need to be tanky. She’s also all up in Demolition Woman because I’m already throwing a bunch of splash.
  • Vladof Moze built down the Bottomless Mags tree can take advantage of her “without reloading” or “while the trigger is held down” COMs with a lot of weapons. It’s otherwise a pretty basic playstyle, but I love high-fire weapons with real sustained fire… have been considering swapping with FL4K for CoV for this reason.
  • Tediore FL4K with Rakk Attack and the Jabber - no real theme here: I needed a ninth character, FL4K had a third, unused pet and Action Skill, so he got the leftovers. Not that it’s not interesting or fun, just sort of random but it works.
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Would you go strict allegiance though… shield and grenade.