Brawl Ward 300% after Phaseslam

Does it exist someone told me it does but I have yet to see one had a hard time getting 200%

Yes, it exists.

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It does exist I have a cryo resistance and a radiation resistance one although lately I’ve only been finding 180 percent melee bonus so maybe they got rid of them or something not sure I haven’t seen one in quite a while

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That’s when the shield breaks I have 300% on that what I’m talking about is the bonus perk when you use phaseslam you get 300%

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The anointed perk is always +200% after Phaseslam.


Exactly, its 300% roid after depletion. And +200% Melee after PS. It’s a bitch to farm tho. Having killed Grave a few hundred(?) times myself I have still only ever gotten the 300% variant with the 100% melee after action skill.

But I have had like 5 with only 300% no annointment. (let me know if u want one)

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Ok thanks maybe the person they told me thought I was talking about shield break 300%

I recently got 1 with 200% after phaseslam I was just somewhat sad to hear that it might be 1 with 300% because that would mean more farming which isn’t a problem but still that to 200% was hard to come by

300% is the max on the ROID damage. But for annointment its 200%. SO ideally wou’d want a 300% Ward with +200% annointment.

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Yes mate you’re right I’ve read your post wrong sorry

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You or whoever told you could have been thinking about 300% WEAPON damage after phaseslam?

Which comes on weapons only im sure