Brawler Shields

Besides named shields like the Brawler Unpaler and Brawler Ward, can “normal” shields ever have a double “ROID” attribute?

All answers gratefully received. Ta.

Actually a Purple Shield could have 3 ROID attributes, sooo yep !


Many thanks for your help. I’m running through the campaign with a “punching” Amara and I hadn’t found one. I wanted to know if I was wasting my time looking! Thanks, again.

You’re very welcome !
Actually the best Roid shield you could have is the Brawler Ward with 2 Roid and a melee anointment ^^


I do have a L53 Ward but, sadly, not with the melee anointment. Some background.

My previous Amara started out as a general melee build but I used guns as well. As the build went on, I realised I could punch my way through most things and by the end I was making a point of using gear that would support that. Hence, the Ward. I enjoyed myself so much, I got to thinking if I could punch my way through the entire campaign from L1 onwards. That’s where I am at the moment.

I seemed to remember getting a double ROID shield quite early on, with my first Amara but since I haven’t had a sniff of one in my current playthrough, I was doubting my memory. I shall carry on checking the vending machines! Cheers.

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