Brawler Ward healing not working right

Anyone else able to test this too? I just put on a Brawler Ward after a respec, while at half hp. I was getting no hp regen. I put on a hp regen artifact and that worked fine. Killed myself, respawned and the hp regen from ward started working. I took brawler Ward off and put it back on and stopped working again.

Died and respawned and the regen started working again.

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some things is bugged after respecing, do save and quit and see if it still the same.

I didn’t have any shield slotted when respeccing skill points, but I’ll check again

Update : hp regen from brawler shield still not working. Restarted game, unslotted and reslotted. Other sources of hp regen working fine.

Only after killing myself does Brawler Ward hp regen work.