Brawlers Wards For Free (1)

I have 4 Brawlers Wards looking for a home, first come first served. :Epic ID Drhoho

I added you my guy

Do you still have those? I can’t for the life of me drop one

ill grab one, added

I have plenty… it is 100% a Warden drop btw.

I have added you. I have plenty of legendaries too, let me know if your looking for something and i’ll check if i have it

I still have 3 left

Can I grab one? No idea how to add you but I’m on Azazius

I sent you a friend request.

Many thanks. Just wanted to say using your guide for the build, super helpful :slight_smile:

Always glad to help out. :+1:

Hey you still got one? i added you, cant find one in what seems forever

Added you if ya still have one. ign FlvrT0WN

Sent it to you via mail. :+1:

Not sure if you have any more laying around but if you do i would be very grateful for 1. ID is: Squishor.

Oh sorry I wasn’t on yesterday, but I’ll send you one when I get home from work today.

you got any left?

I have maybe 5? left I think, so plenty to give out still.

Takayanagi86 ill take one for my siren