Breakdown of the consecutive hits anointment

Already thinking of some build ideas:


Thanks, learned something new here!

Although this is another example of how this game’s tooltips frequently lie. This anointment does not work like it says it does, and even gear with similar effects (like Stackbot increasing damage on hit) have completely different mechanics.

Gearbox really needs to update the tooltips to be more precise and informative. No other game could get away with having as many inaccurate skill and gear descriptions as Borderlands.


Nice. One thing he didn’t test and makes me wonder is does AutoBear hits proc it too (or at least keep it from resetting), if so this could be a great anoint for Rocketeer coms using explosive bullets on Auto bear. And on that same wavelength, SNTL and Clone from Zane?


Even without IB I always figured Consecutive Hits would be best for Moze as she can actually keep putting out damage nonstop.

With more testing being done with this Anoint & 5% Weapon damage on kill we may have found a way around Moze having to fight long Cooldowns to get Bonus damage.

200% For Sustained damage & whatever the stacking limit is for damage on kills.

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Should be funny with a Shredifier or Dictator.

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The Dictator might be interesting, since extra hits means faster stacking.

You can hit max stacks near instantly with a consecutive hits Conference Call. I’ve been farming Kategawa Ball with a Consecutive Hits Heart Breaker it does work.

This synergizes well with Green Monster. I’m too lazy to test how the 200% Extra weapon damage affects the 100% Bonus Corrosive damage and 100% splash damage bonus attached to GM.

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it’s great on dictator, especially vs bosses. on shredifier im not so sure because the weapons dps is a bit… lacking xD

I will have to try this. Moxsy’s last video suggested that the Conference Call was also effected by bullet multiplication, which I don’t think is correct…

…that shouldn’t be right, because most bullet multiplication happens on impact, which is where these elements get created so they don’t miss. If conference call creates pellets on impact, sure. But if it’s all air, I don’t think so.

That said, you’d still get all the bonus elements on all the bullets so, idk if there’s a functional difference or not between saying it does and it doesn’t

This explains why it’s so OP on a Kybs. Enemies are constantly being damaged by elemental affect, keeping the consecutive hit damage boost active. Combine 200% damage boost with 100% splash damage boost of Blast Master and you have a winner. Now, I need to try this with an elemental projector. An alchemist would greatly benefit too, considering it applies elemental damage to the user… hmm.


I’ve used it on Shredifier, I concur, it doesn’t seem all that great. I recently got a x2 Shredifier that I’ll try with Green Monster.

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Assuming Cryo doesn’t have a hidden dot that can stack this, Corrosive should have a pretty big advantage here. Same with Rad vs Shock because of dot duration.

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So… What about chaining guns like Brainstormer? Since the beams can proc SF and MoD…

How would all that interact together?


It is super-powerful. I have two of them and they can go to the damage cap pretty much immediately.

What about something like Electric Banjo? Does that get effected by this annointment, or does that count as a separate damage calculation?

So Conference Call and Brainstormer, huh… Hmm…

Electric Banjo will be affected indirectly as its damage is based on the final damage your bullet did.

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Hmm. Probably still better off with something more typical then. Don’t think it would be worth giving up elemental projector, Victory Rush, or Otto Idol special effects.

Has anyone checked to see if Iron Bear damage is affected magically? Dunno why it would, but then again, i say that about a lot of the mechanics in this game, so…

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It shouldn’t do as the anoint is Normal Hit gun damage and that has never affected IB.

Though my predictive powers are flawed.

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Cool. I’ll test in a bit if i get a chance.

So I’m guessing a shield with +50% rad damage, a Brainstormer, a conference call, both with consecutive hits annointment, a Blast Master mod, and grenade (CMT/Spring Epicenter) with +25% damage on throw will do well… Plenty of SF and MoD procs even though the actual guns don’t do splash, more MoD procs and consecutive hit procs from the rad bonus damage ticks…

Definitely a variety of v1 and v2 bonii…