Breaker class mod - Trash or good

I’m a Moze player and I have limited knowledge with Amara. I just got this Breaker class mod from Cistern.

Is this good? The stats looks cool (maybe with a Kyb’s)

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Good. Splash and melee for white elephant build.

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I use this mod when I play with a melee build, the bonus melee damage is nice but you’re missing the point in Find Your Center which boosts melee damage by large percentage again


Great point, I missed that one. @zwangzug so this might be bad then since you’re missing 100% more melee damage.


It could still be useful if you’re going for a mid-to-close range gun using Amara that dips into the green tree. Just be sure to get Helping Hands for DR stacking (and Illuminated Fist is only one point in the red tree so you could get that too for any occasion where someone tries to melee you).


Okay stats on the bottom but without +1 Find Your Center (the skill with a scythe picture) the Breaker COM is pretty much useless.

The bonuses aren’t bad but the skills aren’t great. For a melee build you want +1 in Find Your Center and for guns you want +3 Personal Space. If you’re playing a pure melee/Face-puncher build, Personal Space doesn’t do much, but with any other gun it’s one of the best skills in the game. In my opinion PS is the best thing about the Breaker mod.

With 6/3 in PS you get a multiplicative +100% gun damage at point blank, still massive bonus damage at mid-range, and even at long range it makes a difference. It’s only not useful if you’re long-range sniping exclusively.

Jab Cross isn’t great, clearly the weakest skill a Breaker comes with. Ideal is +3 Personal Space and +1 Find Your Center.

That said, +2 Personal Space is still great to have. Still a lot of extra gun damage.

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