Breaking the Algorithm (Skip Geoff and Ice Golem)

Hi girls and guys,

first of all: I enjoy reading the forum and I absolutely love Battleborn (even though I’m one of the PvE guys). Way too much complaining about the game here then enjoying the game – but this is another topic. :wink:

I found a glitch that lets you skip Geoff and the Ice Golem. And even though its kind of fun to troll your fellow PvE players, it should be fixed. Also there are some places you might or might not know exist in the Algorithm.

(Video looks better now.)

Have fun skipping those bosses – and let’s hope Gearbox will fix this soon. Until then – trollololol!


Dare u! How can u even Glitch the Game !! I hope u get baned for this! just kidding

Need to try it, just for Fun, before it get fixed. Thx, m8!

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Nothing wrong with reporting glitches. Quite the contrary, in fact. Devs will be all over this, I’m sure.


Do you really want us to watch your whole 38 minutes video?

Skip to 15:40


This could have been cut down to about 5-10 minutes

Ja Ja - Das ist Gut !!! :smile:

This looks more like “Algorithm: Behind the Scenes” lol. A short film on how ISIC ended up in that boss room :laughing:


the untold adventures of saving lifes and becoming the magnus instead of the magnus


Nice bit of sequence breaking! I’m actually surprised they allowed a site-to-site teleporter into the game, since those can cause all sorts of mischief with getting up onto the environment. I don’t think it’s too high of a priority to fix though because you’re incentivised to down the bosses, anyway.

And really, it’s just so much fun to explore!

Well done.

Not sure why would anyone skip Geoff and Ice Golem, they both drop legendaries.

Yeah, this is more of a novelty than anything truly practical. Interesting find, though.

Hahahah. The voice acting in German is pretty good too.
Kleese and ISiC feel the same. Geoff is less goofy in German, more theatrical. Kind of interesting to hear the two.

[quote=“Maagnoguido, post:13, topic:1480593”]
Kind of interesting to hear the two.[/quote]

Same! At first I wondered if ISIC’s laugh was too goofy, though. It’s supposed to sound like the manic laughter of someone who’s so emotionally damaged that if they weren’t laughing like that all the time, they’d be crying.

But then I got to wonder what manic laughter might sound like in Germany, because, you know, cultural differences! I know that laughter can actually vary from place to place, especially the more subtle contexts of it. This is actually a thing. So what sounded too goofy to me might actually not be. I hope that’s the case.

Anyway, yes, a learning experience. And a fun one!

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too long, didn’t watch.
I’m not sitting through 40 minutes of a full playthrough. If you know what you are doing and stick with your teammates, it doesn’t take as long as your video.

Can you give us the times in the video where it shows the relevant gameplay?


You … could skip through the video to find it yourself, as I did? Yes, that is a thing you could do.

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In the time it took you to write that, you could have read just 3 posts down, saw the posted time by someone else, and have been done watching the important part of the video by now.

Y people no read??? T_T

I’ve had a lot of fun doing this as Phoebe.
I kinda failed though. Fell through the map, spawned very far away from my team. Had my team be angry at me because they needed me to stand on the pads for the Ice Golum to spawn…
So much fun.

@JoeKGBX - This is why we need to able to kick team mates with a vote. A lot of Borderlands players spent all their time trolling the game, and I hope the community doesn’t want this is Battleborn. If people want to do this kind of stuff, do it in your OWN game.

So you think it’s funny to join a random game and screw them about? All the bitching going on about the game and now we have this coming to us too. Have the decency to use a mic and tell them your doing so. Hopefully we’ll get a ‘Vote to kick player’ system introduced.

I was in a game with 3 friends. And if you die you will spawn near a checkpoint that your allies walked past last so it’s pretty easy to get back…