Breath of the dying not working?

hey everyone. So I’m confused. I think the breath of the dying gun might be not working correctly. I have a 300/90 anoint one and on kills its supposed to spawn the corrosive orbs. Well it’s not happening every kill. Only happens rarely. Maybe like 1 every q0 kills if im lucky. I’ve heard some people say it only spawn on crit kill. However, the weapon card says on kill. So which is it? On crit kill would make more sense since it only happens periodically, but when I one shot enemies wouldn’t that count as a crit kill? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Here is everything you need to know.

only if you shot them in their crit spot (eg. head). Otherwise it’s just a regular shot that happened to do so much damage that it killed the enemy.

It’s possible that the effect only triggers when the weapon projectile is the one that delivers the final killing blow? So if the target succumbs to a DoT status affect or other damage source, that wouldn’t count to generate the orbs.

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I was just using this gun yesterday. Working as intended for me.

This is correct in my experience. Same with the circle on the Kyb’s, the stacking bonus on the Good Juju, etc. If anything other than the weapon damage (DOT damage, for example) kills the enemy, you don’t get the special effect.

What shield and/or grenade anoint are you using? If it’s some form of bonus element, that can steal the kill from the gun and prevent the orbs from being spawned. Elemental anoints on the gun itself or from character skills are alright (dunno about class mod effects though) but might lead to reduced damage on the orbs.

Wonder if the bonus damage from the anoint counts as separate damage so doesn’t proc the weapon effect. So if they’re dying from the bonus 300% on a one shot kill, the orbs won’t spawn.

Weapon dmg isn’t a separate instance of dmg so no. Check above guide.

Bonus elemental damage from grenade and shield can negate the effect: if the instance of damage that kills the enemy is one of these, no orbs are spawned. However, bonus elemental damage from the gun’s anointment or e.g. from Forceful Expression/Infusion will spawn orbs.


Im using an old god shield with extra corrosive damage but gain 75% shield after exiting IB. And using a cloning maddening tracker with on grenade thrown. Also using a green monster class mod. No idea why it’s not working for me.

I guess this could be it. I’ll farm for a consecutive hits anointment and see if that fixes it.

Check @GrzesPL 's message above. Apparently it doesn’t. So it’s not that anoint messing it up.

Might be the Green Monster because it adds bonus corrosive damage. Have you tried another COM? Alternatively, if you are using Moze it could imagine it having to do with some kind of bonus incendiary effect like Fire in the Skag Den or Cloud of Lead.

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I’m sure it’s been said already, but just in case: if a damage overtime [DOT] tick is the last dmg the enemy takes (that kills the enemy), it doesn’t trigger the breath of the dying ability. If your grenade, action skill, pet, drone, etc. kills the enemy with the last tick of dmg, it wont trigger. DOTs usually ruin the fun. Happens.

The increased damage/explosion makes this suicidal to use in close to medium range. I’m getting tired of self-damage (Driver aside).

Really wish they’d add self damage to the health gate mechanic.

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Good call, but that might not be enough. With all of the mobs that lunge and rush me, I find it difficult to stay out of the blast area of the BotD projectiles. If I’m far enough back, then they don’t seem to do any damage to me. But one an enemy jumps at me while I’m firing, then their attack will usually trigger the health gate, meaning my shots hitting them will definitely drop me.

This is why I only use the OPQ with a Transformer. Maybe I should go back to Barrier Zane, that might help some. But there are a lot of weird annoying issues that make the game less fun in multiplayer:

  • Grease Trap and Backburner being able to harm allies.
  • DOTs and Multiple projectiles (Pestilence and Complex Root) shaking other player’s screens.
  • TPKs due to barrels (though it’s funny the first few times).

The list goes on. At least BotD doesn’t seem to do ally-damage. It would be great if they added a corrosive version of the Transformer or Red Suit…

having gone back to BL2 its odd to come here and see people talking about splash from guns actually damaging you.