Brick and the DLC


Is he playing Delilah?

I did get the sax room decoration, but it did not come from Brick.

Yeah, really hope for a DLC that leads to this video footage. :slight_smile:

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Nope, Dlilah has two “exhaust ports” on the bottom. Just finished Digby’s mission for the 4th time last night :smile:

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Awww dammit.

I was hoping to uncover some secret clue as to Digby’s state and why Delilah went missing.

Still wanna see Brick rocking Sax, I reckon Mordy is a piano man, Tina on drums, Lileth with lead guitar and Roland pushing up daisys



This would be really, really LOUD!

And Mr. Torgue on air guitar as usual.


She also gotta be careful where she hitting…contents of her drums might be volatile.

Torgue shredding air guitar…naturalleeeeeooowwwowowowoweeweeeooowwwww.