Brick is OP and other thoughts

I just finished another Bl1 play through. First in about six years. My first was Mordecai, second Lilith, and now Brick. Mordecai and Lilith were fun but I remember both being tough. Brick, somewhere between level 10 to 15, became an unstoppable machine. I have got pure melee and nothing can stop him except my own stupidity.

Things that cropped up:

  • AR guns are awesome in BL1. I rarely switched off of one in the playthrough. In BL2 they are mostly crap.
  • Tannis – we have always been told to not trust her. From day 1. I thought that was a latter thing.
  • I forgot that Atlas was the source of the Crimson Lance
  • Corporations rule the universe. No real surprise here but this has been a constant thread in all the games. Pandora is a destroyed planet. And there are signs that are all over that this was a product of man’s/corporate influence.
  • Aliens are out there. Not as much a theme in BL2 but present in both BL1 and TPS.
  • Pandora’s bandits are left over from criminal slave labor. I’m looking at you Dahl.
  • In Claptrap Revolution we got a look at Hyperion’s private army. It seems like corporations have their own private armies.

There are probably other things I am forgetting right now.

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Brick is very tanky, but in the 1st 15ish levels i died way less with lilith.

Oh and 100% agree bl1 ARs are amazing

I remember Mordecai more than Lilith so I might be misremembering. I do remember that it took some levels to get Mordecai to the point were I was cleaning up the map at a distance.

I’ve been running a Blast Master Brick, every weapon I use has explosive element on it and I one shot most things even at an even level, it feels like I’m over levelled even when I’m not

With melee Brick you just run in and start shooting everything. If the monster density gets to high or you get yourself into any trouble just go Beserk and kill everything. At the end you come out surround by dead bodies and full health. Pretty crazy.

I may have to look into the melee build for a change then, I’m level 40 so have plenty of points, do you have a pic of the build?

Will I be able to utilise other elemental weapons rather than being stuck with explosive weapons all the time cos I feel like I’m missing out

Borderlands 1 stil has my most favorite ARs in the entire series: the Serpens. It, and the Orion cemented my bias towards S&S, and why I’m stil miffed about their exclusion in the sequels.

Funnily enough, it is with Lilith that I run a partial explosive build with. She’s incredible given a Hammer with the right parts.

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This is the melee build I am running:

Endless Rage --> Heavy Handed --> Short Fuse --> Blood Sport --> Iron Fist --> Harden --> Safegaurd --> Juggernaut --> Die Hard

By the time you are done with Short Fuse you can destroy everything. COM need to boost Short Fuse over everything else.

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll go on the hunt for a class mod then respec, Skirmisher and Common Man both boost the Short fuse skill :smiley:

Yeah, Mordecai starts off slow, but once you get to a capstone he starts destroying everything. I usually have a mixed build across several trees, but once I have enough for a single capstone I respec and start vanishing bandits.

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So I think I’ve found a class mod for Berserker.

Berkserker class mod lvl 40:
+72% melee damage
+3 Endless Rage
+3 Heavy Handed
+3 Blood Sport

Anything I should be looking out for instead?

You really need short fuse. Your invincibility is about having Berserk up as much as possible. When you come out of it you will want to get back into ASAP. Not that you need to be in it all the time but it is your safety net.

There are times when you have a long run up to get to the bad guys. Rage…run…kill a bunch. When you come out of the rage in those circumstances you will many times still have monsters around. Sting Like a Bee will help you close the gap quicker, which is generally the next thing to spend a point or two on.

Thanks, I’ll look for a good Skirmisher COM then as it has Short Fuse and Sting like a Bee in it.

Silly question, can COM in BL1 come in legendary form or is purple the highest they go?

My Mordecai playthrough is still a favorite of mine. It is very fun once you get to the point of destroying everyone.

@x7Relentless7x Not sure about legendary COM in BL1

Yeah I have done a google and not seen anything about legendary COM or shields in BL1.

I have found this though,

Skirmisher lvl 37
+48% Team Melee Damage
+3 Short Fuse
+2 Sting like a Bee
+2 Bash

That should help me through PL2 for a while

That is pretty much what I am using. Let me know how you think it compares to your MasterBlaster build.

There aren’t legendary COMs, and COMs only go up to Lv55.

No legendary shields or grenade mods, but there are three Pearlescent shields in DLC3.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:
I guess we were just lucky in BL2 to get that legendary gear.
I’ll just look out for higher level versions of the mods and shields I have currently

I might have to go back to brick and see what’s what. Lord knows I have every possible 660 Com (except tourge baddass maybe) and perfect or near perfect shield. I’ve played him much less than the others but I do have an end game brick. I’ve always died alot more with him, tank or no. It seems like him being actually bigger than the others makes him a bigger target and he gets shot more. And since you spend so much time in dlc3 where everything is shooting you…it’s a problem. Especially since you bounce around so much when you’re aiming. Also rapid reload is busted. .at least in regular bl. Every time I use brick I wind up holding nothing but an ogre and a guardian.

Hmm it’s good but I don’t think it suite my playstyle, i’m getting downed a lot more with having to run in, think I’ll stick to the gun boosting builds.

Thanks for the tips anyway though was fun trying it out