Brick, Mordecai, and Tina

They left the Crimson Raiders or what? With all that family talk in BL2. They show their images before 3 came out like theyre going to be a major part of the game, and they’re only in it for 5 seconds. I get to the part before the Troy part and I go “FINALLY we’re about to stur stuff up.” And they dont even show up on screen. And while Im at it, what about Rhys and Vaughn interactions. I love the game, but it’s severely lacking in the depth department.


It’s explained in the Commander Lilith dlc of Borderlands 2. (Spoilers incoming for Borderlands 2, 3, & TPS)
The general gist of it is that they didn’t like her handling of Athena in the pre-sequel. Even though Athena didn’t die, she did try to kill her against the advice of Brick & Mordecai.

Funny bit, she had Axton & Gaige back off from Aurelia which was you may know, came back to haunt the raiders in this game.


Thanks, I played that, but I dont remember any of that. So they left after the commander lillith dlc? Still doesn’t explain the hype for them for this gane and then you only see them for 5 seconds, although I saw a lot if Brick when he got stuck on a flaming garbage can and died over and over and I had to go to an earlier save


Play the Commander Lillith again but pay attention to the side quests and echo recordings you find in it. They actually explain a lot.

Which is disappointing in it’s own right. They should have had Lillith dealing with all those anger issues in this game, trying to earn back their trust. That would have been a fun and endearing set of missions.

As for Aurelia, I just learned from another dude’s post that the way she ended in the pre-sequel was a far cry to how she was in BL3.


In the Commander DLC from BL2 she said need to CR to explore the universe for Vaults while she stay behind to search for the key

Not really. It’s not really clear but she was nothing but a horrible person all game long. I took it as she just didn’t care, not anything altruistic.

I really hope the DLC’s handle bringing them back into the Crimson Raiders. Bring them aboard Sanctuary III and give them crew quarters so you can go interact with them. Boom Town…while cool and all by itself…it just sucks having them not onboard S3. I was really looking forward to some crazy side quests from Tina and getting to see how her crew quarters would have been decorated. She may be “Nuttier than Squirrel Sh!t” but for me she was the best part of BL2. And I will be bummed if she isn’t given more to do before things come to a close on BL3.


Fact there are so many great characters they couldve used, and they gave Vaughn the most screen time. He is, quite possibly, the WORST character ever.


for me it’s tied between him and typhoon

Vaughn is annoying as all hell, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And I am sorry, put on some damn pants.

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Maybe not a far cry, but she is unhappy about what happens to Felicity, and at the end she tells Jack to kill himself. Also, she seems upset over the murdering of the scientists. Showing that yes, she probably still is a terrible person, but that there is still a tiny patch of soul in there somewhere. BL3 just goes full on mustache twirling villain with her though. Could have been better.

At least the icy tornadoes were cool though.

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“check out my abs, BRO”

same joke over and over and over is never good. I put the game on mute whenever this character is in the game. Its painful


Now that I’ve completed the game I avoid Roland’s Roost just so I don’t have to hear or see Vaughn ever. Which is sad. Because out of all the new locations it’s one of my favorites. And that is only because of the sentiment put into the graffiti at the base of Roland’s statue.

Edit: And I swear if they move Vaughn to Sanctuary III…I will spend every last bullet in the game shooting him in the face. Better yet, have him as the test dummy bandit and bring back Marcus’s Test Gun Range. So I can set him on fire, freeze, irradiate, electrocute, and corrosive him repeatedly.

I did not think that annoying

I feel this is very clearly indicative of just how horribly they wrote him. In Tales From The Borderlands, he was an immense fan favourite, now he is completely unrecognizable.

The biggest oversight with Aurelia is that she never wanted to kill her brother, they grew up together for decades, and all she had been described as doing was messing with her brother by killing animals he was studying (and he kills a lot of animals himself), as well as generally tormenting and being a jerk to him.

Despite that, she wanted to stay with her brother on Pandora, helps him in The Pre Sequel while pretending to be someone else, and her most notable line of dialogue is the death line “Sorry…Alistair…”

She explicitly states that she has zero interest in further wealth, and she is trying to find a life of adventure and excitement as a vault hunter (completely opposed to 3).

She also has very strict romantic standards as well, she would absolutely detest someone like Troy, not to mention the twins are attempting to do things worse than Jack in the Pre Sequel (you know, when she told him he was evil and to kill himself?)

"Before the order was carried out, Lilith ordered them to not kill Aurelia and bring her to Pandora, after Athena’s execution was stopped by The Watcher, who warned them that war was approaching."


They really need to create a thread or mini dlc for museum of non canon. Or use the money they made to rescript and redo VL3 again

Did anyone else find saxophone Brick? I was so excited when I saw that promo…

Rolands Reacharound :joy:.

As for TT, not seen enough, but her Mordy and Brick …

B-Team!! Woo!

probably cause a lot has changed in the (7 years i believe) between the time Commander Lilith and BL3 happens.

Rhys in general sucked. and he sucks here, but with a mustache.

Vaghn is too much of a try hard. and both went on to live different lives.