Brick's Necklace

Ok… what is hanging off of Brick’s necklace. I see a key… but … those also look like dismembered … uh … jiblies…


Those are the feet, I believe, of his puppy that Nisha strangled when she captured him.

One paw belongs to his defunct childhood puppy, Priscilla, that died before the first Borderlands.
The second one comes from Dusty, the one Nisha strangled.
Not-so-fun fact: by the time of Borderlands 3, he seems to have lost yet another dog:

Good lord… Ok well I guess it’s better than what I thought it was. But… this guy has a bad reputation with dogs. It’s like me with plants. Sad stories here. I’ve played the borderlands series quite a bit. WHEN did this dog thing happen? (first two).

On another note, I thought you posted a picture of Marcus Fenix.

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I must say, you had me rolling :laughing:

Priscilla is only seen in the intro of Borderlands, together with Brick as a little kid, so she could have died quite long before the events of the game. On the other hand, Nisha killed Dusty after the fall of New Haven, so a couple of years before Borderlands 2.

Now that you mention it, it’s almost uncanny!

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Man, nobody wants that guy to have a dog. :frowning:

heh - my first reaction too

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So judging by that picture and Brick’s story, Marcus Fenix became the way he did because someone killed his puppies? Seems to make sense, but when is Brick getting is COG armour?

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Now THAT… is a good question! Can you imagine?

I really wish he still had his dog in Borderlands 3, maybe even seeing it interact with Talon…sigh

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