Brief overview of a few of the new Weapons

I was fortunate enough to have someone drop some of the new weapons in this DLC. I’d like to give an overview of some of the mechanics and quirks of some of them.

Thunderfire- Dual element maliwan blaster.Fire and shock. Seems pretty neat on Athena. Also a dual element laser needed to happen. It was delivered.-legendary Maliwan laser blaster- drops from despair and self loathing

Omni Cannon- Explosive sniper. Another thing that I thought was needed.-legendary Hyperion Sniper rifle- drops from sponx

Luck cannon- holds one shot. High damage and accuracy. Might be a nice pistol for nisha since you can hold 2 of them and get the ammo count to 4 with Fist full of bullets, effectively multiplying the mag by 8. 8 shots in a gun that is meant to fire one seems pretty awesome. Last but not least, has a chance of money shots.-legendary Jakobs pistol

Longest yard- extra crit damage? I’m not sure what it does different from a regular railgun. Extra damage or sumthin, iunno.-legendary Hyperion railgun laser- drops from teh earworm

Keneda’s laser- it shoots a lasery rocket that explodes in a small radius. Reloads fly unpredictably.-legendary Tediore rocket launcher

Flayer- Seems like just a coach gun with a higher clip. Which is awesome.-legendaryJakobs shotgun

Proletarian Revolution- When holding it, it’s magazine slowly increases one bullet at a time, taking ammo from the pool. When reloaded, it drops back to the regular amount. Aside from that, it’s like an anarchist.-legendary Vladof pistol- world drop

Heartful sploger- always corrosive, talks, and has the new glitch weapon feature.- unique Dahl blaster laser

Party Popper- shoots streamers. Only deals damage at point blank range.-unique Scav pistol- first arena mission reward.

Fusilade- Scav MG. Seems to have a quicker reload than most other scav MGs.- legendary scav assault rifle

Absolute zero- Cryo beam with a low clip. There has to be something I’m missing about this weapon- legendary Maliwan beam laser

Cheat code- Another weapon that i’m probably missing something about.-legendary Hyperion SMG.

Laser Disker- A reference to the game Tribes. Shoots explosive disks that blow up on contact. Doesn’t do anything fancy when you reload it. Just thrown. -legendary Tediore explosive music collection launching laser.

Fast talker- The fire rate is incredible. Competes with torrent.-unique Scav SMG

MORQ- Talking adaptive shield. -legendary Anshin sheild- found in a secret chest in the nexus

MINAC’s Atonement- Blaster that shoots different elements. Taste the rainbow.- Unique Maliwan skittle gun laser- from the MINAC mission

Cuttie Killer- Fire SMG that says “kill” alot. Also, has the glitch effect.- Scav SMG

Meganade- Singularity that has more then one detonation. -Vladov grenade.- drops from despair and self loathing.

Edit: turns out the fast talker is from season pass holders for TFTB, not the new DLC.

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Are these all uniques?
Also, the Omni Canon, which manufacturer?

edit: nevermind.

I’m liking the new legendaries, well the looks anyway. Do want the Thunderfire.

could you add the manufacturers and gun types to These guns? also, will you Keep that list up to date once you find more?

much thanks in advance!

The new Bandit blue SMG (Fast-Talker) has a fire-rate of 16.0 very little recoil and fast reload. It’s fun. It reminds me of a well-parted Atlas MG from BL1. Sounds like an angry sewing machine when a fire-rate buffed Wilhelm uses it.

Well, this might put the Torrent to shame…

anyone else redeemed his Tales from the BL-rewards yet and would Show some pics???

Kaneda’s Laser? as in Akira? that’d be so effin epic. im just gonna run around SCREAMING TETSSSSSUUUUUOOOOO!!!

Glitched Jacobs Coach Gun is pretty epic. There are three shapes it can take: red (Malus: shoots slowly and throws the holder back), green (?), gold (shoots automatically without recoil, imagine this with Absolute Advantage)

I’ll edit gun types in the OP. If I get more I will add to the list.

I found an Absolute Zero very early on and used it for the rest of the DLC (weapon is level 48). It has a very low magazine size (12) , decent fire rate(10.8) , decent damage increase from continuous fire (212%). Not sure where it falls on the damage scale (1400) compared to the Rosie’s 801. It’s recoil is highly manageable. Quickly reloads. It’s true power? Increased chance to freeze, I’m assuming it only comes in cryo due to it’s name*. Mine had a base chance of 22.5%. Now add 40% of that base thanks to 10/5 Maniacal Laughter. Now add 15% from badass rank. Now throw in Coincidental Combustion once enemies are frozen.

*Absolute zero is 0 Kelvin, also known as zero energy and the coldest possible thing in the universe.

Thanks. I guess I didn’t realize it’s freeze chance. I was thinking I would try it on aurelia, but large caliber brings the clip down to 4, making it pretty much unusable.

True dat. Still, anything that increases that chance to freeze makes it a usable gun. It’s a good replacement for the Fridgia or Excalibastard.

Also, anyone found the “Cu+ie Ki || er” yet? It’s a glitched SMG but it has the red text of KILLKILLKILLKILL. I found one but haven’t tested it.

Nah. If I do get one I’ll give it a try to figure out what it does and edit the OP.

And just fired the Cutie Killer.

Remember Cybil and the cuties? Not sure how I didn’t make the connection.

Basically, as you fire the gun, a slightly moddified Cybil yells “Kill! Killkill! Ki-iiiii-iiiillll!” Not sure if there’s any other bonuses.

Huh. Does it have the glitch effect upon reloading?

Yes, but not every time. Not sure if the glitch code can vary, but when it does it switches to semi automatic fire and slow fire rate and each round starts costing 3 ammunition.

So can any weapon spawn in a glitched form? with the exception of the cutie killer I haven’t seen another red text glitch and all the others seem to be normal guns with new skin and the same chance to cycle through a couple of glitches. (red= slow fire rate/semi-auto, higher damage, more rounds per shot; yellow= non-stop firing once trigger is pulled, higher fire rate, greatly reduced recoil; green= shotgun mode) Don’t get me wrong, I love my glitched slapper, I just don’t want to OCD hoard these other ones if there is no reason to, ya know?

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hmm, the longest yard zaps all nearby enemies and thecheat code does inconsistent damage unfortunately (not sure what else it does)

Kaneda’s Laser can crit.

Well, this is the second slap in the face. It uses a similar looking texture as the Serpens and does incosistent damage? fun.