Brief question on health

On the wikia, you can read this:

Healing Kits can be carried in a character’s inventory and used in
between battles, while Insta-Health Vials are consumed immediately when
they are picked up or bought.

I’ve never seen anything like these transportable healing kits. Ever. Am I missing something?

I think it’s referring to Borderlands 1, where there were indeed two different types of health kit. Check the banner or title bar on the page in question (or post a link to it and I’ll check it.)

What he said. But there are different types of health pickups in the other two Borderlands games.l, but both are immediate use when picked up. One is and instant heal of a percentage of your health, which shows as a light red. The other is a heal over time same amount I think, and shows up as a darker red. Each has their own red text

The ones that can go in your inventory are in borderlands 1 only

What page was it on? If it was on the BL 2 page, it needs to be changed because as the others said, you can only buy/find instant med hypors and not the bottles you could carry around in the first one.