Bright lights, flying city: Can't progress

While defending the beacon, between the second and third wave of enemies, it just stops. Nothing happens, no more enemies.

This happened to me before during TVHM, quitting and trying again fixed it. Now in UVHM, I tried restarting again and it didn’t fix it.

I’ve looked online, and apparently just waiting or loading a save before this happens (latter impossible) fixes it.

Can I have a conclusive answer please? Is my game just screwed now?

EDIT: I’m playing co-op with a friend if that matters. Everything I’ve done, he’s done.


I’ve never heard of that happening. When similar things happen in Southpaw during the “Assassinate the Assassins” side quest, it’s often the case that an enemy has glitched into a wall or the floor. This is why quitting and restarting can clear the issue - all the enemies respawn from the last scripted progress point.

It’s possible the same thing has happened here. Since you said that a restart didn’t fix it, though, all you can try at this point is find someone who still has the mission open, then join their game to get past the third wave and clear the stuck script. There’s still quite a few forum regulars playing in PS4, so it’s possible one of them may have the mission open on one of their characters. What level are you and your friend?

Don’t know if it does or not. Did you each try loading up your games solo to see if one of you could progress? If one of you can get past the glitch, then the other can join in just before travelling back to Sanctuary and hopefully clear the mission for both of you.

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Unfortunately, the only fixes are :frowning: :

1: Start a new character from scratch and pray it doesn’t happen again.
2: Join someone online who hasn’t done this mission yet and complete it with them.
3: Load an older save file backup and pray it doesn’t glitch again.
4: Reset your playthrough via the “Load Character” menu and redo the game scratch.

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Try doing a quick side quest , because it automatically reverts to your current story mission after.
It might kickstart it back in to action.


I’m lvl 62 and my friend’s 61. We’ll try one more time, see if it fixes. Then I guess we’ll try solo. And I’m pretty sure an enemy didn’t bug out, would see it on the map. The problem is though, restarting resets the entire sequence, and the bug happens during it.

I’ll get back to you later.

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Okay, so for the quest to progress, the beacon needs to be up and running, right? Well, I think the cause for the glitch is that it gets confused, thinking the beacon needs repairing when it doesn’t. So I decided to try something: only repair the beacon when there are no more enemies, making it so that repairing the beacon progresses the quest. Well, I don’t know if it fixed itself or I fixed it, but I got through it. So problem solved looks like


@VaultHunter101 's fixing mojo seeped into your game.
Its the only explanation!

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In TVHM and UVHM, I usually leave the beacon until each wave is finished anyway. I just tune out Angel and Jack until I’m done!

Now if only that would extend to the pile of stuff on my desk!

Edit: and my seplling (!) :blembarrass: