Bring Ambra back

So… a very selfish request, but can we bring Ambra back to what she was before her nerf? I only say this because I need to complete Alanis lore and you need 25 kills on Ambra as part of a challenge. Well I have 0. 0/25. And that’s because Ambra is nowhere to be found anymore. This was a pain to do when I was Galilea but at least back then Ambras were plentiful. Now she barely shows up in the game. So I am asking… if just for an hour or a day…

Please make Ambra great again. Or at least come up with an alternative to this challenge. I am tired of hearing Alani talk about friends and the Ocean .___.


I agree that Ambra loyalists are getting rare, but I hope you (and all the others stuck on that challenge) will get lucky and run into us. I’m doing my bit to keep the fire burning, and I’ve run across a few others doing the same. For example, in a single Meltdown match this morning, I killed an Ambra nine times… while also playing as Ambra! Dee-light-ful!


Make Ambra great again!

I’m playing since the very first day of release and I’m still 19/25 on Galilea. I never see Ambra nowdays, and in those 1 out of 100 cases I do - I don’t happen to play as Galilea.

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I hope so too. She was one of the characters I enjoyed going against because she was so hard to kill and it felt great whenever I did. I actually had to work for the kill man, you guys were an elusive bunch. But I feel almost sad that I rarely see her anymore. While I was joking about bringing her prenerf self back, a part of me wouldn’t mind lol.

Oh well

Ambra is still my most played character to date.

Just a word of warning, though, my little water-sweeties: when you do get an opportunity to bask in Ambra’s gorgeous radiance, don’t let the excitement rush to your pretty head, or this might happen…


At this point man, as long as that ONE kill was Ambra, I do not mind dying 10 times. (Obviously I wouldn’t be THAT selfish) but still, just for a week lol. Or does anyone here just want to die 25 times for me or something lol?

Nah, Ambra is good where she is at.

Obviously. I am not seriously asking for this. But don’t you think it’s ridiculous that we have to kill Ambra 50 times between 2 characters? (Galilea and Alani) how is that at all fun? It’s not. In fact, it’s a good way to kill this game even more.

Ambras used to show up daily at one point. Now you are lucky to face one in a match, let alone kill one. It’s gotten to the point where people are quitting before the game starts because they don’t care about the match, they just want to complete the challenge and I can hardly blame them. If I ever see an Ambra, I am going to go after non stop; which yes, it does suck for my teammates. But honestly, winning doesn’t even matter to me anymore. I just want to complete these challenges because it’s literally, the only thing to do in Battleborn. But at the rate things are, I may just have to put the game down. Unless they have some alternative ways I can unlock someone’s lore.

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I played with an Ambra before and she was really good. I think everyone is just preferring Alani so Ambra is left out

Lol, i know this thread is a joke but i wouldn’t mind ambra getting a little of her fire back. Like longer radiance drain or faster sunspot health regain or something. But GBX is constantly patching things so i have hope.

It isn’t a question of IF they will do something about it but HOW and WHEN. The devs have already stated that they know about the problems concerning Ambra and the lore challenges associated with her.

Ambra is my favorite character, and I have played a lot of matches with her. However, since Alani was released and Ambra nerfed, there is simply no reason to play with her unless you’re okay with playing a weaker character. A good Alani will always out damage and out heal a good Ambra. Don’t let Ambra’s high heal numbers fool you—at least a third of that healing is going towards minions (which is ridiculous since her healing would never be able to sustain them). The fact that the sunspots lose health when healing them makes things worse.

I just hope Ambra’s buff will come in the next update. Until then, I will continue to kick it as Ambra in PvE because I do enjoy playing as her. The only mission that is difficult for her is the Heliophage. Keeping sunspots alive during Rendain’s boss fight is a nightmare.


Honestly I think she just needs about a 10-15% buff on Sunspot’s base healing and she’d be great again.

Also now that her Ult doesn’t slow anymore, it could activate a bit faster, maybe 2 seconds off the drop delay. It’s still good wave clear and area denial, but it will never hit a half competant player.

Right now her support game is lacking compared to the other supports. She doesn’t do high damage, which is fine because she shouldn’t, but so it then comes to the point of asking, “why not play someone else?”

Alani beats her in every category: healing, damage, wave clear, CC, self sustain. That’s part of the reason Alani needs to be looked at, so that we can see more diversity in the support role, because there is still at least one Alani in every game, if not two. And it’s not because she’s new, it’s because she’s over powered.


Yeah, it seems like Alani is the versatile one instead of Ambra.

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I’ve thought about this too.

Right now, there are two challenges that I think, need to be re-thought. The first is the one you mentioned… 25 kills, is an insane amount depending on the character that you have to hunt. Oscar Mike is all over the place, so for Whisky Foxtrot, it’s much, much of an issue.

Additionally, for the challenges that character A has to play on the same team as character B, that challenge is way to easy to complete , because it can be entirely staged between two friends on the same team.

My thought would be to “reverse” the quotas. Alani needs to kill Ambra 5 times, and Isac needs to play with Kleese 25 times.

Maybe I’m over-simplifying the answer, but I feel like it’s a good start.


@Gulfwulf, that’s a good link. The “kill or assist killing” would be huge.

Thanks for sharing.

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Even better would be “win a match against”.


Even even better would be, “play a match against” :stuck_out_tongue:

Na I think allowing assists will be more than enough. We had a game a few nights ago where we purposefully assisted the Alani getting her Ambra kills. 7 or 8 kills left to do, we got it for her. I think the player was quite happy !
And my friend who essentially plays Alani is getting, slowly but quite steady, his kills too.
Changing the challenge to include assist will just make the number of Masters of Alani skyrocket :wink:

Winning a match against would promote more teamwork. People could focus on the game and not killing the Ambra or Oscar Mike.