Bring back "friends only" feature as default!

In Borderlands 2, when loading up the game, by default your room would be set to “Friends only”. This allowed ONLY friends on your friends list to join.

Personally I loved this feature. After you play the game for awhile online and your list of friends who play the game grows it’s very convenient to just load up the game and simply just join a friend or even starting your own game shortly to be joined by your other friends and NOT other random players.

I noticed in Pre-sequel the option was there but not set by default so moving from BL2 to Pre-sequel I felt I started playing the game more solo despite having so many friends who play the game. The same I feel has carried into BL3. I have PLENTY of people who play but I don’t end up playing with them.

Ok so the obvious answer is to simply invite these people, but even for farming with friends purposes this feature helped. Who wants to inv their friend each and every farm run, it’s annoying.

Please gearbox consider this feature! Friends only option so only our friends can join our rooms without an invite!


I second this. I don’t play in co-op often but when I do it is only with friends so this would be perfect to have again.