Bring back player collisions

Would this ever come back. I feel that since it has been removed certain characters have become more powerful as they can hide behind a big guy without worrying - Ernest I’m looking at you!

Also it was one of he things I really liked about he game - bigger people take up more room, so be careful if they are in front of you.

Any thoughts on this?

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After a week of playing without the collision - I will never miss it again. It’s a good thing they did remove it. Much more fluid gameplay.


Ernest could still hide behind a player so this isn’t anything new. Besides, having someone like Monty in front of you won’t save you from an Aoe attack like Thorn’s blight or OM’s napalm.


As someone who plays smaller characters, I am a little upset about this, mainly because I spent a lot of time learning how to avoid the collision and use it to my advantage.

With that being said, GBX has been buff/nerfing everything to the average player and not the top tier of players. Top tier players never cared about Rath or El Dragon, but hate Isic and Ambra, and who gets nerfed? Rath and El Dragon. Since I suspect the majority of players like the change, it’s not going anywhere

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Thank you for your thoughts.

I feel as though the game has lost something now though - Montana should be in way of BOTH allies and enemies. Shooting through people really makes no sense to me.

To be honest I dont see much of a difference, but I do think it could be an issue with well prepared teams. I think that melee characters are often strong because they would block shots from ranged characters, but now you can concentrate all the damage from all the players on one target.

However I think that changes to incursion are much bigger issues, and they have to be reverted first.

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It took time to learn to move away from friendly fleeing battleborns, i still do it lol.

But im fine with it, what ever reduce the skill gsp and increase the player base.

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While I did use hundreds of hours mastering the old collisions, I’m VERY glad they were changed - Especially so in PVE - Melee characters would often make it impossible to attack a specific target. (Shayne and Attikus being the biggest offenders here)

Also I hate Kleese, I hate everyone who plays Kleese, and I’m glad I don’t have to get blocked by his god damn stupid chair ever again.


Is what I advocate since the beginning, nothing should compromise the flow of a game if you don’t bring something really important to compensate, which was not the case with the collision.

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I agree. All the changes were deployed in favor to new and average players and not to the top tier ones.

Nope, it’s superfluous and just blocks flooooooow

I consider myself an average player, and i hated the nerf to Dreadwind :frowning: to me it feels like it is much too short now. Also the decreased duration means it’s overall damage has gone down as well, wouldn’t mind having it’s damage raised a little bit.

To be fair, you can stand in OMikes Napalm like its a kiddy swimming pool now.

It is too short. What they did though was nerf the one trick pony characters. It’s no longer an auto death when you get stunned by El Dragon in en fuego or when you get chained by ghalt. In high level matches, those characters were never selected because they were easily countered by map awareness.

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