Bring Back Quick Match Plz!

So this new update ruined the game for me! I’ve been playing Incursion since the end of July when I got this game from the humble bundle and now we can’t even vote on Incursion in a 5 man pre-made when everyone wants it!

This update killed competitive games too for Incursion/Meltdown teams! now instead of 2 pre-made teams battling it out in a good Incursion/Meltdown depending on what mode your team likes. We get some garbage map which really ruins the match when you just want to have a fun close game and you loose b/c noone really knows the map/mode or finds it boring as hell.

I really like playing this game a lot but I guess I’ll have to quit for awhile :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I share your sentiments. The changes have ruined the game for me from a PVP standpoint, The choices are super chaotic Chaos Rumble (ie. 10-12x Kid Ultras stacking kill aura buffs on each other cuz LOL WHAT’S TESTING!) or Face Off, which is super chaotic by nature. I loved Incursion and enjoyed the occasional Meltdown and Capture to break it up. Meltdown and Capture still happened a lot with Quick Match. This was a bad move to completely change the PVP dynamic and it’s very alienating.

Edit: It is definitely boring as hell sometimes now. Makes it hard to care when it’s just running around, shooting randomly, listening to Kid Ultra dialog over and over and over and over again.Like… ■■■■ me. Feels like I’m playing friggin Unreal Tournament with an occasional side objective.

Wait chaos rumble is temporary and just for a silly weekend right?


yeah which would be fine for a week if it was like before but they changed Chaos Rumble so you can’t even vote on the mode! the game automatically chooses the map, like WTF! just put all these garbage modes for a server browser so long queue times aren’t a problem for them and let people vote on the competitive Incursion/Meltdown modes/maps they want!

Haha awesome I was just going to make a thread suggesting a quick match with no voting. Just jump in and quickly play any mode. Maybe this will lead into that. Interesting.

I mean, assuming the other modes are available to be picked individually.

dude this isn’t awesome! if 2 good teams want to have a legit match on lets say Incursion but they get Capture then it totally sucks!

I want to play a MOBA mode not some casual TDM mode, I’d play Call Of Duty if I wanted that!

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Oh shoot did they pull the incursion mode? I played earlier today but didn’t notice anything missing.

The devs keep doing one mistake right after another. There’s no hope for this game. As great as it can be, the game is in the wrong hands.


When does this happen in public queue though.

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all the time on PC, basically the playerbase is low on PC so the noobs quit b/c they get on a noob team but have to play against lvl 100’s and since there aren’t a lot of players on PC a lot of the people queue up to make the wait time faster

Hah, not in my region :stuck_out_tongue:
There are either new teams or pubstomper teams/other and then the occasional high level soloer/two man
Sometimes I run into other high levels who aren’t very toxic and would rather play against other 100s than those new teams. Very rarely though, and I’d say they’ve mostly migrated to private skirms.

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Been in queue for over an hour. Seen 15 Players come and go, no pop. I hate PvP, and Public PvP Only Lore Challenges so much…

(Noob reporting in, and hating, hating, hating GBX and PvP)

Oh also, queue times would probably be faster if the 5-Man Pre-Mades showed some restraint and let Noobs get practice, work on Lore, etc… instead of curb stomping them, driving them out of queue…

I like the no voting thing, even tho I play mainly incursion, it’s fun just to get a random mode and random map. Feels fresh.


PC doesn’t have enough pop for multiple queues, and I’ve seen the carnage that occurs when people don’t get to play the DLC character, so I think chaos rumble was a smart move

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It’s a few days.

The Golden Child Incursion still has its own queue.

Everyone can play The Kid to their hearts content.

You guys will be fine.

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I like the no voting too. I understand they did Chaos Rumble because everyone wants to play as Kid Ultra. They’re smart. If you hate it then yo can wait until next Thursday when Quickmatch comes back.

I, personally, would like to see quickmatch be like Chaos Rumble. Only unique characters and no voting. Just shuffle modes and maps. That’s been fun. Plus, it’s been way faster match making.


wtf!!! so PC is the only platform that doesn’t have Incursion?!?!?!?!?!

Gearbox is screwing the PC players over and not even considering them in updates, like WTF!!! >:(______)

On PC you have to play Capture, Meltdown if you want to play Incursion or just play Face-Off, IDC about the Chaos Rumble for a week but having to play these 2 modes when nobody wants to really pisses me off!

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Please look again.

Are you SURE the Incursion queue is gone?

On PS4, Chaos Rumble has (for now) replaced Quick Match (and Incursion maps, for me at least, have been popping up QUITE frequently), turn FaceOff queue is underneath that, and Incursion queue is beneath that.

Actually, PC doesn’t have an Incursion queue anymore