Bring Back Quick Match Plz!



Why in the hell would they do that?

A week is not a few days.

Not on the PC it doesn’t.

This is the only non-issue about Chaos Rumble for me. The lack of being able to vote on a map/mode and not being able to disable global chat are the two issues I have with the mode. 5-man gimmicky teams rarely work (just ask that 4-man Pendles and Kid Ultra team we beat on Paradise about it - all of those guys are competitive level players).

Yeah, after CR is gone.

Yes. They did it because of our low player base. Personally I didn’t have a problem with it, but I do have a problem with them removing Quick Match and replacing it with this horror called CR.

^ What he said. We had Quick Match and Face-off, but no Incursion queue.

As I said earlier, the biggest problem I have with CR is the global chat because I have to deal with idiots on the other team (one told us twice to cut out the nigger chatter - I reported that player for abusive language and we hunted them down the entire match after the first time while making fun of their lack of intellect, and another kept talking about how they were going to stomp or eat us during most of the match). Personally, I’d rather not have to deal with such bs and wish I could turn off global chat completely. I know I can mute the opposing team but that doesn’t help my team any because we can’t discuss strategy without them knowing what we’re doing. It’s a good thing I tend to play with regulars so we don’t usually have to do so, but it would be nice if we could in confidence again without having to resort to a third-party solution like Discord. So, please GBX, either get rid of CR or allow us to disable global chat. I can live without the voting option, but I cannot deal with global chat anymore.

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We’re not going to have Quick Match for a WEEK?

Im not sure if I approve anymore of this latest incarnation of Chaos Rumble…

I believe the Battleplan said until next Thursday.

Now that you fell my pain it’s time to lead the revolt against this monstrosity called CR! Come, my brother, here’s your pitchfork and we march at midnight! Don’t forget your torch.

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I literally have never read a single Battleplan!


I’m a slacker.

And I’ll be ok!

Im so so sorry!!! Always pc community gets screwed.

Personally i love Cr is rly fun, i like to not chose map, i enjoy all modes anyway.

What i want and need is more space!! More loadouts and bank if they are thinking in keep this no election mode. @Jythri

The PC community has different play habits than the console communities. The queue adjustments this week take that in consideration while also giving a chance for players to play Kid Ultra for a week without restriction. The consoles retain the queues they have because the play habits on those platforms support three queues, with reasonable health. My goal is to always offer as many desired options as possible, while managing

I’m aware that a few very vocal people do not like Chaos Rumble, and I’m sorry that you’re normal play habits will be altered for a week. However, be aware that there are many people who have asked for the temporary change, and appreciate the mix-up in the way we play, both verbally and statistically.

Quick Match will almost certainly be back next Thursday. We’ll make more queue adjustments in the future. We have some other ideas for spotlights and rumbles that we’d like to try out.


For the next character release perhaps have Quick Match and Chaos Rumble running alongside one another? Fold Face-Off into both queues/playlists. Would that work better perhaps?

Like someone said, when you have your show you can run it as you want c:

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Not really. They found that Incursion was faltering a tad, so folding it into Quick match officially was the best thing for their low pop

The other posts here made it sound like there is only chaos rumble on the PC now. That seems utterly crazy to me.

There is. Having more than one queue has proven to be unsustainable. And not having chaos Rumble makes people quit as they can’t play KU. Only viable solution here

Wow, that makes me sad. Poor PC players! I wouldn’t even play the game if that were the only thing.

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Well I quit. Im honestly fed up with all of that. Just yesterday I considered quitting soon as it didnt seem like recent changes will be reverted, but still wanted to play a lot this weekend, and with Chaos Rumble it feels like Im not even allowed my last weekend with the game. And it is not just the weekend, but till Thursday?

With frame drops on Echelon still not fixed since launch, and October patch that made incursion play like a boring chore to me, I dont see a reason to keep playing.

Sorry for using opportunity, and writing all of that here, but I guess it is the best place for that.

Meh, I come back from a two month hiatus due to my PC being broken, and now I gotta take another week long break because of this dumb Chaos Rumble option being the only one available.

I get it, you want to give everyone a chance to try Kid Moron (sorry, but I hate that character), fair enough, though I think if people wanted to play him so badly there’s always PvE, no need to ruin PvP for a whole week.


At least I do gotta thank you guys for improving the bot AI in private matches, considering the state of the game, that is much appreciated. Last night I happened to have more fun just dueling a friend of mine while filling our teams with bots, than in pvp proper.

EDIT: I really don’t see the point of keeping the Face Off queue though, considering Chaos Rumble already includes it and also seems to heavily favor it.

So, effectively immediately, we’re altering the current configuration a bit, based on feedback.

  • PC: We’re replacing the Face-Off queue with the Incursion queue.
  • Chaos Rumble - we’re disabling global chat

This should get us a step closer to giving more players what they want, based on feedback.

Thanks for your feedback!


No, THANK YOU! Global chat was the biggest issue I had with CR and I’m glad you guys listen to us “loud mouths”. :dukeaffirmative:

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I was on the fence about leaving global chat in this time on Chaos Rumble anyway. There are a few advocates for it within Gearbox who believe it gives a chance for more people to communicate and learn from one other. I guess I’m just a bit more cynical about competitive players.

Glad we could make it a little better for you, anyway.


Honestly, I played 6 games last night - all CR, the only choice at that point - and in 2 of them, the other team being rude and/or terribly racist ruined the game. Ran me out way before I was ready to stop for the night.

I understand it’s a call some people won’t agree with, but I thank you for it. Some people can’t handle a live mic to the team of people killing them.

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I can understand that sentiment, but it rarely happens in-game. Besides, we have the Battleschool and various guides on here, Reddit, and the unofficial Discord channel where new people can go to learn.

And you have a right to be. I hate dropping names, but ask Roid Rage from the modeling department about the experiences we had during the last Chaos Rumble.

So am I. My group has over 3k hours between us and we’ll really appreciate this change. Thank you again, Randy. This change was both unexpected and much appreciated.

^ What he said. He was in the match with me against the racist Thorn player I mentioned earlier.