Bring Back (SPOILERS)

I’m fan of Maya in my whole life. Maya was most interesting character out of character in Borderlands, she is tie with Litith as most powerful Siren of all time, first vaule Hunter to meet Krieg, and appear borderlands 3, but it didn’t end will for her. I’m going to say it, but Maya’s death is worst death I ever see in my life. The reason of this is because Ava becoming a siren, It’ll okay but Ava sneak into the cave, which means Ava was reason cause her death. But Tyeen and Troy came out of nowhere for no reason, when Troy grab Maya wrist, he took her power and turn into ash. That’s truly awful! Even the funeral is awful too, no one is feeling sad, angry or rage, but they all act nomarl, that’s a slap to the face. Ronald’s death is sad because it surprise us out of now where, Handsome Jack was anger by Angel’s death and surprise Ronald by shot him. I hope she comes back in Dlc or Borderlands 4

Gearbox if can hear me, I’m not mad at you, I know you try to make sad moment, but it didn’t work. I’ll happy for you if you bring back Maya, I’ll give you everything you what.

Here’s the way that you can also help bring her

Yeah…so…use that thread you linked to, please, because…

One is enough. :face_with_monocle: